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Michael RossmannThe Michael G. Rossmann Memorial Session was held at the ACA Annual Meeting in Covington, KY. Five speakers described their experience in Michael’s laboratory, beginning in 1972 with Jack Johnson, then Eddy Arnold, Hao Wu, Rui Zhao, and S. Saif Hassan – 47 years of ground-breaking research in macromolecular structure and development of new crystallographic methods for large structures.

Alex WlodawerIn his memoir Alexander Wlodawer describes a lengthy career determining the structure of a variety of biologically important molecules, including HIV protease.

B. E. WarrenRead Bertram Warren's biography reprinted from Fifty Years of X-Ray Diffraction, ed. P.P. Ewald, International Union of Crystallography, 1962.

Benno Schoenborn

Benno Schoenborn received the ACA Bau Neutron Diffraction Award in 2016 for his pioneering work on neutron crystallography and its application to biology

John C H SpenceIn his Buerger Award lecture John Spence discussed XFEL, lensless imaging and serial femto-second nanocrystallography.

Helen BermanIn her 2006 Buerger Award lecture Helen M. Berman described the early history of the PDB – showing how technology, science, and community can synergize further science.


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