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Latest Additions


Latest Additions

TobyDreeleBrian H. Toby and Robert Von Dreele shared the 2019 Trueblood Award for their collaborative work in developing GSAS-II. The movie of their presentation is now online. 

LonsdaleHow do we know the benzene ring is flat? Because in 1929 Kathleen Lonsdale determined that the arrangement of the carbon atoms in hexamethylbenzene is hexagonal.  

Soriano-Garcia Manuel Soriano-García was educated in Mexico and  received his Ph.D. in biophysics under the direction of Rengachary Parthasarathy at SUNY Buffalo. As Research Professor at the National Autonomous University of México he established small-molecule and protein crystallography in Mexico, receiving many national awards.

stenkampIn Ronald Stenkamp's Living History he comments, "Making observations and asking questions is what I enjoy doing." He recalls small-molecule crystallography research at University of Oregon with Brian Matthews and graduate work in macromolecular crystallography with Lyle Jensen, Ed Lingafelter, and Verner Schomaker at the University of Washington. 

MegawHelen Megaw (1907-2002) was a British crystallographer who specialized in perovskite structures, ferroelectricity, and feldspars at the Cavendish laboratory. She, Bragg, Hodgkin, and Lonsdale created designs for the Festival of Britian in 1951.  glazerA. Michael Glazer obtained his Ph.D. with Kathleen Lonsdale followed by a post-doc in Helen Megaw's   laboratory. He is well known for his research into structure-property relationships in perovskites. 


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