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Latest Additions 


hackertMarvin Hackert’s full-length Living History is now online. Marv is a former president of the IUCr (2014-2017) and of the ACA (2008). At the University of Texas-Austin his research focused on protein structural biology and evolutionary relationships. During his long career he has seen enormous changes in X-ray instrumentation and techniques, which he describes in his memoir. Marv has been an advocate for structural science; see also his educational video and his molecular model display.

rosensteinThe ACA has received a $250,000 bequest from the estate of Robert D. Rosenstein (1922 – 2017). An extraordinary teacher of crystallography, he was a professor in the Department of Crystallography at the University of Pittsburgh for many years.

In his stimulating Rognlie Award talkJames Holton summarizes some of the many innovations he has made as a beamline scientist to improve the user experience. In concluding he argues, 

"We are not held back by our budgets; we are held back by limiting our thinking to the budget we think we can get. What would you do with a million, a billion, or a trillion dollars? If you can't think of anything, think harder. Ending a global pandemic with only $1 trillion would be a bargain. All we need is a plan that will work. I will outline an idea for testing every human being on the planet for SARS-CoV-2 simultaneously and encourage the audience to point out any problems with this plan. No single person can do this on their own, we need to work together, and I believe we will look back on 2020, in hindsight, and realize this is the way science works best."

In her oral interviewHelen Berman summarizes her achievements and describes her current project to convey science to a general audience through film.

As scientists, I think we have not done what we should have done to communicate science.
Petricek The video of Václav Petříček’s Patterson Award Lecture, “Don’t Be Afraid of Modulated Structures,” is now online. In his lecture, Václav clearly describes the theoretical background to his widely used computer program JANA.

AndoIn pursuing her research in protein dynamics, Nozomi Ando gains information from diffuse scattering. For this work she won the Etter Award at the 2020 ACA Annual meeting. The video of her lecture is now online.



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