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The 2021 Etter Award recognized Julia V. Zaikina’s success in designing, synthesizing and characterizing the structure and properties of new ternary compounds of alkali halides. The video of her lecture, "How to discover new solids containing alkali metals: predictive screening, facile synthesis, and in situ studies” is now online. Her approach combines computational methods, high-temperature powder diffraction, and alkali metal hydrides as precursors. The first oral treatment for COVID-19, the protease inhibitor Paxlovid  (Nirmatrelvir), was developed by Pfizer scientists in collaboration with crystallographers at APS (Advanced Photon Source), Argonne National Laboratory. The FDA has approved Paxlovid for emergency use. The structure of Paxlovid bound to the protease was determined at the IMCA-CAT beamline at the APS. The beamline is operated by the HWI (Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute). ACA members Lisa Keefe, Ann Mulichak, Erica Duguid and Jesse Yoder are mentioned as contributors. (See more articles on the Impact of Structural Science here.)

The Protein Data Bank celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021 with more than 170,000 molecular structures available online. Here is a video for general audiences describing the history of the PDB as well as the scientific techniques (X-ray crystallography, NMR, 3D electron microscopy) that enable us to visualize proteins and DNA in three dimensions. This video is a good introduction for students and non-scientists who want to understand why this database is such a valuable resource for structural biology — the PDB makes available crucial information for therapeutics and vaccines.

See also journal collections and articles celebrating the 50th anniversary with highlights from the past and a preview of the future in structural biology. Scroll down on this page to see other materials like playing cards designed by David Goodsell with a structural theme.

In her ACA Warren Award Lecture, Jacqueline M. Cole described her experimental work with a solid-state light-induced molecular switch that she engineered to have optical tunability. The video of her presentation is now online at ACA History.
The video of the 2021 Buerger Award lecture presented by Wah Chiu is now online. Titled “CryoEM Structures of Macromolecules,” Chiu’s lecture exhibits the tremendous advances in the field to produce the more than 4,000 structures between 1-4 Å now deposited. Advanced data processing can even be used to distinguish structural variations in membrane ion channels and RNA.  The obituary for Carroll K. Johnson (1929 - 2021) is now online. Johnson originated the well-known ORTEP (Oak Ridge Thermal-Ellipsoid Plot Program) in 1965, which rapidly became a favorite of crystallographers and protein crystallographers to make illustrations of crystal structures for conference presentations and publications. ORTEP is one of the most cited publications in crystallography with over 30,000 citations. Johnson was recognized for his crystallographic research on thermal motion analysis with the Buerger Award in 1997. He was president of the ACA in 1977. 

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