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Interview with Prof. David Brown, inventor of the bond valence theory
2024 interview with Mojtaba Abbasi



X-Ray Diffraction: Precession Camera and Automated Diffractometer at Bell Telephone Laboratories
Historically valuable 1960s video featuring Sidney Cyril Abrahams, Joel L. BernsteinRobinson Burbank



2021 Transactions Symposium, “Function Follows Form: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Protein Data Bank,” 2021 American Crystallographic Society Annual Meeting, virtual 
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July 30, 2021

Session 1 chaired by Stephen K. Burley

Cynthia Wolberger
“Histone H2B Ubiquitination in Transcription Regulation”
Mike Martynowycz
“Cryo-FIB Milling Improves MicoED Data and Structures”



Session 2 chaired by Natalie Strynadka

John Rubenstein
“Molecular Machines at Energized Membranes”
Squire J. Booker
“Crystallographic Snapshots of TsrM, a 
Cobalamin-Dependent S-adenosylmethionine Methylase”
Rafael Couñago
“Developing Novel Tools to Guide the Discovery 
of New Cell-permeable, On-target Anti-infective Compounds”
Erica Saphire
“Coronavirus Immunotherapeutic Consortium: Using 
Antibodies as Treatment Therapies Against the Novel Coronavirus”
July 31, 2022
Chaired by David Rose, ACA President
Nobel Lecture
Frances H. Arnold
“Innovation by Evolution: Bringing New Chemistry to Life”
Rui Zhao chaired the next session
 Wayne Hendrickson
 “Reflections on Resolution and Revolution – the PDB and Me”
Wladek Minor
 “Structural Biology Response to Biomedical Threat”
Helen M. Berman chaired the final session
Chris Sander
“Protein Folding Computed from Evolutionary Information”
Eva Nogales
“Structural Relationships Between Human Transcriptional Coactivators TFIID and SAGA”
Andrej Sali
“From Integrative Structural Biology to Cell Biology”



"Tribute to Rosalind Franklin 101 years on: her pivotal research on coal, DNA and viruses" at the 2021 American Crystallographic Association Annual Meeting, Virtual 
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Elspeth Garman
Introduction to the session
Video - Slides
Alexander Nazarenko
“First observation of aromatic bond density: a ‘forgotten’ paper by Rosalind E. Franklin”
  Margaret E. Schott
“Rosalind Franklin and the structure of graphitic carbons”


Thomas Fitzgibbons
“Rosalind Franklin: Guiding Carbon Research 70 Years Later”


Brian Sutton
“Rosalind Franklin and DNA”

Gerald Stubbs & Joseph Orgel
“Rosalind Franklin and her legacy in structural biology; the TMV chapter"


Rossmann lecture

Michael G. RossmanMemorial Session, 2019 ACA Annual Meeting, Covington, KY, USA
Introduction by Janet L. Smith. Speakers: Jack Johnson, Eddy Arnold, Hao Wu, Rui Zhao, S. Saif Hassan


Glazer A. Michael Glazer, 2017 Bragg Lecture: The Wondrous World of Perovskites.”



Stoddart lecture

Sir Fraser Stoddart, 2017 ACA plenary address, New Orleans, USA
"How Crystallography Helped to Create a New Bond in Chemistry."

William L. Duax

 Symposium in Honor of William L. Duax at the 2017 24th Congress of the IUCr, Hyderabad, India (part 1)
 Symposium in Honor of William L. Duax at the 2017 24th Congress of the IUCr, Hyderabad, India (part 2)


Isabella Karle

 Isabella L. Karle
Isabella Karle, 2015 interview for the Atomic Heritage Foundation
 Isabella Karle, 2005 interview for the Atomic Heritage Foundation 



2014 Transactions Symposium, "100 Years of Crystallography," 2014 ACA Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM 

 Cora Lind-Covacs 
"Fun with crystals, light and symmetry – IYCr outreach activities" 


Martha M. Teeter 
“A Brief History of Women in Crystallography” 

McPhearsonAlex McPherson 
“Protein Crystallization over 200 Years: From Art to Science” 

bermanHelen M. Berman, Colin Groom, James Kaduk 
“Databases in Crystallography: Past, Present and Future” 

HendricksonWayne Hendrickson  
“Changing Practice in Crystallographic Phase Evaluation for Biological Macromolecules”

holtonJames M. Holton
"Dawn in the Age of Uncertainty" 
        Video — Slides


sweetRobert M. Sweet
"Synchrotron Radiation in Structural Biology: Past, Present, and Future"
        Video — Slides


TobyBrian H. Toby
"Powder Diffraction Crystallography: 98 Years as Plan B?"
         Video — Text — Slides


Glusker awardJenny P. Glusker, ACA 2014 Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, USA
"Early Crystallographic Investigations by Nobel Laureate Dorothy Hodgkin"


RabinovichDaniel Rabinovich, 2014 ACA Wood Award, 2014 ACA Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, USA
"The World of Crystallography on Postage Stamps"


McPhersonAlexander McPherson accepted the 2013 Fankuchen Award on behalf of Richard E. Dickerson at the 2013 ACA meeting in Honolulu, HI and presented the lecture.
"Let Us Now Praise Famous Men"

gluskerJenny P. Glusker, ACA 2012 Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, USA
"100 Years of Structure Deterimination" 


ByramSusan K. Byram, Charles F. Campana, Daniel F. Frankel, ACA 2012 Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, USA
"Evolution of Small Molecule Instrumentation in North America"


CasparDonald CasparACA 2012 Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, USA
"Origins of Structural Biology and Trials and Errors in its History: an idiosyncratic view"


Nobel Laureates Symposium, 1988 ACA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

VoetDonald Voet & Oliver Franklin
"Introductions to the 1988 Nobel Laureates Symposium"
VoetDonald Voet
"Introduction to Linus Pauling"
PaulingLinus Pauling
"Opening Remarks: Comments on the So-Called Icosahedral Quasicrystals"
KendrewSir John Kendrew
"Protein Crystallography in the Cavendish Laboratory in the 1950's"
HodgkinDorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
"On Continuing the X-ray Analysis of Insulin"
LipscombWilliam N. Lipscomb
"Activity and Regulation in Aspartate Transcarbamylase"
HauptmanHerbert H. Hauptman
"A Minimal Principle and Its Role in Direct Methods"
KarleJerome Karle
"Exact, Linear Anomalous Dispersion Analysis for Macromolecules"
PaulingLinus Pauling
"Concluding Remarks: How Crystallography Has Changed"