Obituary - David G. Rognlie (1934 - 2013)

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Dave Rognlie (1934-2013)

ACA RefleXions, Winter 2013



As I wandered through the exhibit hall in Hawaii this summer something did not seem just right, and then it struck me; the Blake Industries ‘vintage’ booth was nowhere in sight nor was Dave Rognlie. Instead, in the slot reserved for Dave there was a display and representative from Huber. In response to my query he told me that all he knew was that Dave was in the hospital. Then, a couple of weeks later we heard that Dave had passed away on July 29th. Dave and Blake were part of the ACA corporate family as far back as I can remember. He was one of the good guys that are representative of our entire corporate family, and he will be truly missed by many of us. I always took every opportunity to ‘rag’ Dave at the meeting about his 20th century booth, to which he would respond with his usual shrug and a smile. Oddly, I now find myself hoping that whoever takes over Blake Industries will show up in Albuquerque with that same booth. So long Dave – it was great to know you. 

Judith Flippen-Anderson