Curriculum Vitae - Sidney C. Abrahams 

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Southern Oregon University

Department of Physics and Engineering



Born: May 28, 1924 in London, England

Naturalized U.S. Citizen: April 29, 1963




B.Sc. 1946 Chemistry, University of Glasgow, Scotland


Ph.D. 1949 Crystallography, University of Glasgow, Scotland


D.Sc. 1957 Crystallography, University of Glasgow, Scotland


Fil. Dr. (honoris causa)1981, University of Uppsala, Sweden 


Docteur honoris causa 1997, University of Bordeaux, France 


Professional Appointments

1949-1950 Research Fellow, University of Minnesota


1950- 1954 Member of staff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 


1954-1957 Research Fellow, University of Glasgow


1957-Present Guest Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory


1957-1982 Member of Technical Staff, Bell Laboratories


1979 Visiting Professor, University of Bordeaux, France


1982-1988 Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories. Retired 1988.


1989-1990 Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Senior U.S. Scientist, University of Tübingen, Germany


1990, 1993 Visiting Professor, University of Bordeaux


1990-Present Adjunct Professor of Physics, Southern Oregon University


1995 Visiting Professor, University of Tübingen


National Committees and Scientific Societies

U.S.A. National Committee for Crystallography:  Member 1966-1980; Chairman 1970-1972


National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council

Committee on Chemical Crystallography:  Member 1967-1968; Chairman 1968-1976


National Academy of Sciences  - National Research Council

Numerical Data Advisory Board:  Member 1987-1991


American Institute of Physics - Publishing Policy Committee: Member 1974-1980; Chairman 1981-1991


American Institute of Physics - Subcommittees on

Information Technology, Member 1980-1991

Intellectual Property Rights, Member 1990-1991

Numeric Data Bases, Member 1986-1991


Member ex-officio: Subcommittees on Journals, Books, PACS Oversight


PI-NET, AlP Journal Editors Panel


American Crystallographic Association:  Charter member 1950-Present; President 1968


American Association for the Advancement of Science:  Member 1957-1979; Fellow 1980-Present


American Physical Society:  Member 1961-1980; Fellow 1981-Present


Sigma Xi:  Member 1949-Present; Founding President SOU Chapter 1993-1995


Royal Society of Chemistry, London:  Member 1946-Present


International Union of Crystallography


Commission on Crystallographic Apparatus:  Member 1963-1972; Chairman 1972-1975


Commission on Crystallographic Data:  Member 1978-1987


Commission on Crystallographic Nomenclature:  Chairman 1978-Present


Commission on Journals:  Chairman 1978-1987


Finance Committee:  Member 1981-1987


IUPAC Interdivisional Committee on Nomenclature and Symbols

IUCr Representative 1984-Present


U.S. Delegate to International Congresses of Crystallography

(Appointed by National Academy of Sciences)


1969 Stony Brook, U.S.A.

1972 Tokyo, Japan - Chairman of Delegation

1975 Amsterdam, Netherlands

1978 Warsaw, Poland

1981 Ottawa, Canada

1984 Hamburg, German Federal Republic


Alternate U.S. Delegate

1966 Moscow, U.S.S.R.

1987 Perth, Australia



Editor-in-chief:  Acta Crystallographica, 1978-1987


Editorial Board Review of Scientific Instruments, 1963-1965


Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, 1988-1991


Founding Editor Transactions of the American Crystallographic Association, Volume 1, 1965


Managing Editor American Crystallographic Association 1965-1990


Co-EditorAnomalous Scattering, Munksgaard, Copenhagen, 1975


Editor World Directory of Crystallographers, Fifth Edition, 1977


Book Review Editor Ferroelectrics, 1975-Present



Humboldt-Prize, Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation 1989


Humboldt-Prize Extension, Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation 1995


Visiting Committees

National Bureau of Standards 1967-1971


Brookhaven National Laboratory 1979-1983


High Flux Brookhaven Reactor:  Program Advisory Committee 1985-1991


Danish Natural Sciences Research Council:  Evaluation Panel on Crystallography, Chairman 1985-1986


Federal Grants

National Science Foundation DMR-9310461, 1993; DMR-9708246, 1996; 1/13/98;

DMR-0137323, 2001; MRI EAR-0420855