Curriculum Vitae - Nadrian Charles Seeman

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Date:  November 16, 2015 

Personal:  December 16, 1945; Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Contact: Dept. of Chemistry, Mail Code 5180, New York University

New York, NY 10003-6688, U.S.A.

212-998-8395 (t); 212-995-4475 (f)

[email protected]



B.S. Biochemistry University of Chicago 1966

Ph.D. Crystallography/Biochemistry (G.A. Jeffrey) University of Pittsburgh 1970

Research Associate (Cyrus Levinthal) Columbia University 1970-72

Postdoctoral Fellow (Alexander Rich) MIT 1972-77


Professional Experience:

Margaret and Herman Sokol Professor of Chemistry, New York University, 2001-.

Professor, Department of Chemistry, New York University, 1988-.

Associate Professor (tenured), Biology Dept., SUNY/Albany, 1983-1988.

Assistant Professor, Biology Dept., SUNY/Albany, 1977-1983.


Academic and Professional Honors:

Illinois State Scholar 1963-1966.

NIH Predoctoral Trainee 1967-1970.

NATO Advanced Study Fellow 1970.

Damon Runyon Fellow 1972-1973.

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow 1973-1976.

Basil O'Connor Fellow 1978-1981.

NIH Research Career Development Award 1982-1987.

Honorary Distinguished Prof., Univ. Peruana Cayetano Heredia 1998-.

Elected AAAS Fellow 1998.

Charter Member, BBCA NIH Study Section 1999-2003.

Outstanding Mentor, Siemens Westinghouse Competition 2003.

Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry 2005.

NIH MERIT Award 2005.

Festschrift Volume, Nanotechnology:  Science and Computation, (J.

Chen, N. Jonoska, G, Rozenberg, Eds), Springer-Verlag, Berlin) 2006.

John Simon Guggenheim Fellow 2010-2011.

Elected Member of the Norwegian Academy of Science &

Letters. 2010.

Honored by Symposium at FNANO Conference 2011.

Honored by Symposium at NYU. 2011.

Thomson-Reuters Citation Laureate 2013.

Elected Fellow of the American Crystallographic Association 2014. 

Welcome Lecturer, DNA at 70, India 2014-2015.


Awards and Prizes:

Sidhu Award (A National Award granted by the Pittsburgh Diffraction Society to a scientist under the age of 33 for outstanding diffraction studies), for the demonstration of RNA double helices in single crystals, 1974.

Popular Science Magazine Science and Technology Award, for the construction of a DNA cube, 1993.

Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology (An International Award given by The Foresight Institute), for the construction of DNA polyhedra, 1995.

Discover Magazine Emerging Technology Award, for DNA tinkertoys, 1997.

Margaret and Herman Sokol Faculty Award in the Sciences, for excellence in research in the Faculty of Arts and Science at New York University, 1999.

Rozenberg Tulip Award (DNA-based computing scientist of the year), 2004.

Nanotech Briefs Nano50 Innovator Award for DNA nanotechnology, 2005.

World Technology Network Award, for biotechnology, 2005.

William H. Nichols Medal from NY Section of Am. Chem. Soc., 2008.

Frontiers of Science Award, from the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, 2009.

Alexander Rich Medal, from MIT, 2010.

Kavli Prize in Nanoscience, 2010.

ISNSCE Nanoscience Prize, 2011.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Albert Einstein Professorship Award, 2012.

Distinguished Alumnus Award, University of Pittsburgh, 2012.

Jagadish Chandra Bose Triennial Gold Medal, Bose Institute, Kolkata, 2014.

Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, 2016.



Scientific Pedigree:



Nadrian C. Seeman received his Ph.D. from George Alan Jeffrey (Pittsburgh).

Jeffrey received his degree from E. Gordon Cox (Leeds/Birmingham).

Cox received his degree from William Henry Bragg (Royal Institution).

Bragg received his training from John Joseph Thomson (Cambridge).

Thomson received his training from Edward John Routh (Cambridge).

Routh was taught by Isaac Todhunter and William Hopkins (Cambridge).



Nadrian C. Seeman trained under Alexander Rich (MIT).

Alexander Rich trained under Linus Pauling (Caltech).

Pauling trained under Roscoe Dickinson (Caltech).

Dickinson trained under Arthur Amos Noyes (Caltech).

Noyes trained under Wilhelm Ostwald (Leipzig).

Ostwald trained under Carl Schmidt (Tartu).

Schmidt trained under Justus von Liebig (Geissen).

von Liebig trained under Karl Wilhelm Gottlob Kastner (Erlangen).

Kastner trained under Johann Gottling (Jena).

Gottling trained under Johann Christian Wiegleb (Langensalza).






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DNA Nanotechnology:  Nanoscale Objects, Devices, Networks and Biochips

Recombination Chemistry 

Topology of Single-Stranded Nucleic Acid Molecules

Unusual Motifs for DNA-Based Computing


Major Areas of Scientific Capability:


X-ray Crystallography

Scientific Programming, Computing, and Computer Graphics

Computer-Assisted Nucleic Acid Structural and Topological Design

Oligonucleotide Synthesis




Introductory (Molecular) Biology, 1977-88, 250-400 1st-2nd year undergraduates.

X-Ray Diffraction, 1974, 1976, 1977-1979, 10 graduate students.

Macromolecular Structure, 1980, 20 graduate students.

Nucleic Acid Structure and Dynamics, 1980-87, 20 graduate students.

Introductory Chemistry, 1989-90, 300 1st-2nd year undergraduates.

Macromolecular Structure, 1989-present, 10-25 graduate students.

Biomolecular Seminar, Both Semesters, 1997-2009, 12 graduate students.

Second Year Seminar, 2010, 25 graduate students.

Structural DNA Nanotechnology, 2012-, 16-30 registered students (2015 - undergraduate students).


Papers #18, #25, #69 & #183 (bibliography) have been used in classrooms worldwide.




Extramural Ad Hoc Grant Reviews:


Single Reviews:


External Grant Reviewer, Department of Energy, 1982.

NIH Special Study Section, 1983.

NIH Special Telephone Study Section, Chair, 1992.

NIH Study Section (BBCA), ad hoc Reviewer, 1993.

NIH Special Telephone Study Section, 1994.

NIH Special Telephone Study Section, Chair, 1994.

NIH Special Telephone Study Section, Chair, 1996 (2).

External Grant Reviewer, Wellcome Trust, 1996.

External Grant Reviewer, Canadian Medical Research Council, 1997, 1998.

External Grant Reviewer, Army Research Office, 1998.

External Grant Reviewer, Fonds National Suisse de la Recherche Scientifique, 2000.

Special Emphasis Panel, Reviewer, NIH, 2000.

External Grant Reviewer, NASA, 2001.

External Grant Reviewer, German-Israeli Science Foundation, 2002.

External Grant Reviewer, European Science Foundation, 2002.

External Grant Reviewer, Wellcome Trust, 2002.

External Grant Reviewer, Fonds National Suisse de la Recherche Scientifique, 2002.

External Grant Reviewer, US Civilian Research & Development Foundation, 2003.

External Grant Reviewer, Leverhulme Trust, 2005.

External Grant Reviewer, Human Frontiers of Science, 2005

External Grant Reviewer, Minerva Foundation, 2005.

External Grant Reviewer, Army Research Office, 2005.

External Grant Reviewer, Science Foundation of Ireland, 2005.

External Grant Reviewer, Austrian Science Fund, 2006, 2008.


Repeated Reviews:


External Grant Reviewer, NSF, occasional, 1976-present.

External Grant Reviewer, NIH, occasional,  1986-present.

External Grant Reviewer, CUNY, occasional, 1988-present.

External Grant Reviewer, Petroleum Research Foundation, occasional, 1990-present.

External Grant Reviewer, Research Corporation,, occasional, 1997-present.

External Grant Reviewer, Israel Science Foundation, occasional 2000,-present.

External Grant Reviewer, NSERC,, occasional, 2002-present.

External Grant Reviewer, ETH Research Commission, 1995-present.

External Grant Reviewer, Réseau Thématique de Recherche Avancée , 2007-present.


Extramural Program Reviews:


Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Biology Division Program Reviewer, 1981.

Brookhaven National Laboratory, Biology Division Program Reviewer, 1985.



Journals and Series:


Editorial Boards:


Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics 1983-1994.

Biomolecular Engineering, 2000-2007.

Current Nanosciences, 2004-2015.

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2001-

International Journal of Natural Computing, 2001-.

Chemistry and Biology, 2002-

International Journal of Nanotechnology, 2002-.

Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, 2004-.

NanoBiotechnology, 2004-.

Nanomedicine, 2005-2009.

Artificial DNA, 2010-.

BioNanoScience, 2010-.

Royal Society's Interface, 2012-.

Biophysical Journal, 2016-2018.


Editorial Advisory Boards:


NanoLetters, 2000-.

Advances in Nanoscale Materials and Nanotechnology, 2000-.

Small, 2004-2012.

Chemistry Central Journal, 2006-.

Biopolymers, 2006-.

ACSNano, 2007-.

Biotechnologia 2011-.




Accounts of Chemical Research, Acta Crystallographica, Analytical Chemistry, Angewandte Chemie, Australian Journal of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Bioconjugate Chemistry, Biomacromolecules, Biophysical Chemistry, Biopolymers, ChemBioChem, Chemical Reviews, Chemistry of Materials, European Journal of Biochemistry, Gene, Genome Research, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research, International Journal of General Systems, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, Journal of Computational Chemistry, Journal of Computational Physics, Journal of Materials Science, Journal of Molecular Biology, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Journal of Organic Chemistry, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Journal of Zhejiang University, Lab on a Chip, Lancet, Langmuir, Macromolecules, NanoLetters, Nanotechnology, Nature, Nature Chemistry, Nature Materials, Nature Medicine, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Protocols, New Journal of Chemistry, Nucleic Acids Research, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, Organic Letters, Physical Review E, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA), Proteins, Science, Supramolecular Science, Tetrahedron, Theochem


Concurrent Positions:


Visiting Scientist, State University at Leiden, The Netherlands, 1982.

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Biology, SUNY/Albany, 1988-1991.

Visiting Scientist, Institut d'Hautes Études Scientifiques, Bûres-Sur-Yvette, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003.




Organizing Committee, Stereodynamics Symposium, 1982-1991, 1998-.

Organizing Committee, Alexander Rich Symposium, 1992-1994.

Program Committee, 2nd-5th, 8-11th DNA Based Computation Conference, 1996-2005.

Chair, Microsymposium on Crystal Morphology, IUCr XVII, 1996.

Program Committee, Biomolecular Motors and Nanomachines, 1997.

Program Committee, 5th-8th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology, 


Award Committee, Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology, 1997-.

Organizing Committee, Mathematical Problems in the Molecular Sciences, 1999.

Planning Committee, BECON 2000, 1999-2000.

Steering Committee, DNA Based Computation Conferences, 2000-present.

Program Chair, 7th Conference on DNA-Based Computation, 2001.

Manuscript Reviewer GECCO '02, 2001-2002.

Scientific Committee, Molecular Nanotechnology, 2001-2002.

Co-Organizer, NYU Nanotechnology Discussion Group, 2003-.

Int'l Advisory Com., Computer Modeling and Simulating Materials Nanoworld, 2004.

Track Chair, Foundations of Nanoscience, 2004-present.

Program Committee, DNA-Based Semantic Information Processing, 2004-2005.

Program Committee, Recent Advances in Biomolecular Computing, 2005.

Organizer, Inaugural Session, NY Acad. Sci., Nanobiotechnology Disc. Group, 2005.


Advisory Boards:


Advisory Board, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc., 1999-.

Advisory Board, Dartmouth Molecular Materials Group, 1999-2008.

Scientific Advisory Board, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Molecular Foundry, 2002-.

Advisory Board, University of South Carolina NIRT, 2002-2006.

Advisory Board, Springer Handbook of Natural Computing, 2008-2010.

Scientific Advisory Board, BioNEC, Univ. Southern Denmark, (Odense), 2012-2017.

Mathematical Assn. of America, Program Area Study Group in Chemistry, 2013-.

Art and Science Collaborations, Inc., Advisory Board, 2000-.




Senior Consultant, Molecular Biophysics Technology Inc., Philadelphia, PA, 1983-1987.

Consultant, Lifecodes Corporation, Elmsford, NY, 1983-1987.

Consultant, Datascope-PolyProbe Inc., Malvern, PA, 1989-1993.

Consultant, Chiron Corporation, Emoryville, CA, 1993-1998.

Consultant, Tm Technologies, Woburn, MA 1997.

Scientific Advisory Board, TM Bioscience Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, 1998-2000.

Scientific Advisory Board, CallistoGen AG, Berlin, 2001-2002.

Principal Scientific Consultant, Nanoscience Technologies, Inc., 2003-2006.

Consultant, Parabon Corp., Reston, VA, 2007-2009.


Product Evaluations/Focus Groups:


DNA Modifying Enzyme Panel, The Answer Group, 1992.

Nature Evaluation Panel, Ubell Associates, 1993.

National Molecular Biology Advancement Panel, Migliara/Kaplan Associates, 1993.

Proposal Reviewer, John Wiley & Sons, 1996, 1997.

DDB Needham Worldwide, Inc., New York, 1998. 

Journal Proposal Reviewer, Springer, Inc., 2005.

Nature Publishing Group, Data System Panel, 2012.


Selected Activities:


TIBS Crostic Winner, 1987.

Expert Panel on Nucleic Acid Junctions, IUBMB Nomenclature Committee, 1993-1995.

Consultation to Scientific and Technological Options Assessment Group of the European Parliament, 1995.

Faculty of 1000:  Section Head for Biomimetic Chemistry, 2001-.

Tour Host, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2 tours), 2001.

ASCI Member's Image, DNA Cube, March, 2003.

Listed in Who's Who in America, 2005-.


Community Service:


Petit Juror, Manhattan, 7 days, 1990.

Grand Juror, Manhattan, 4 weeks, 1994.

Petit Juror, Manhattan, 3 days, 1998.

Petit Juror, Manhattan, 2 days, 2002.

Petit Juror, Manhattan, 2 days, 2007.

Petit Juror, Manhattan, 2 days, 2015.






Named Lectures:


Sidhu Award Lecture, Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, 1974.

John Vandeputte Lecturer, Rutgers University, Chemistry Department,1996.

Margaret and Herman Sokol Award Lecture, New York University, 1999.

Irix Pharmaceutical Lecturer, Clemson University, Chemistry Department, 2001.

Ephraim & Wilma Shaw Roseman Lecturer, Johns Hopkins Univ., Chem. Dept., 2001.

First Donald Williams Memorial Lecture, Univ. of Louisville, Chem. Dept., 2003.

Inaugural Lecture, Hauptman-Woodward Institute, Buffalo, 2006.

William H. Nichols Lecture, New York Section of Am. Chem. Soc., 2008.

College of Science Distinguished Lecture, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2008.

Dean's Colloquium, Macquarie University, 2008.

Distinguished Lecture, Viterbi School of Engineering, Univ. Southern California, 2009.

Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Frontiers of Science Lecture, New York, 2009.

Alexander Rich Lecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010.

IAS Distinguished Lecture, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, 2010.

Kavli Prize Lecture, Oslo, 2010.

ISNSCE Prize Lecture, Snowbird, Utah, 2011.

American Crystallographic Association, Plenary Lecture, New Orleans, 2011.

Pioneer Lecture, Q-Bio Conf. on Cellular Information Processing, Santa Fe, 2011.

Nano-DDS, Plenary Lecture, Brooklyn, 2011.

Distinguished Science Lecture, Bard College, 2011.

Seymour Rothchild Lecture, University of Rochester, 2012.

Albert Einstein Professorship Lecture, Shanghai, 2012.

Thirty-Fifth Two Genes Memorial Lecture, Northwestern University, 2013.

DNA in Nanotechnology, Keynote, Göteborg, 2013.

Keynote, Mid-Atlantic Chapter of Lab. Robotics Interest Grp, Somerset, 2014.

Herta Leng Lecture, Physics Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2014.

Cherry Emerson Lecture, School of Chemistry, Georgia Tech, 2014.

Julius Stieglitz Memorial Lecture, University of Chicago, 2014.

Plenary:  Intl. Rndtable Nucleosides Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids-XXI, Poznan, 2014.

Plenary:  Molecular Robotics Symposium, DNA-20, Kyoto, 2014.

Wellcome Lecturer, DNA at 70, New Delhi, 2014.

Wellcome Lecturer, DNA at 70, Hyderabad, 2014.

Jagadish Chandra Bose Triennial Gold Medal Lecture, Kolkata, 2014.

Wellcome Lecturer, DNA at 70, Shantiniketan, 2015.

NY Nanoscience, City University of New York, Keynote Lecture, New York, 2015.

Fifth Int'l Seminar, Nanosci. & Nanotech., Keynote Speaker, Havana, 2015.



Invited Lectures:


IUCr VIII Conference on Crystallographic Computing, Ottawa, 1969.

Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, 1973.

Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference (Sidhu Award Lecture), 1974.

Endicott House Conference, Dedham, 1975.

Society for Information Science, Boston, 1975.

X-ray Diffraction Gordon Conference, 1976.

Basil O'Connor Symposium, Key Biscayne, 1979.

Second Stereodynamics Symposium, Albany, 1981.

IUCr XII Satellite Meeting, Buffalo, 1981.

Third Stereodynamics Symposium, Albany, 1983.

Mid-Atlantic Nucleic Acids Workshop, Philadelphia, 1984.

Molecular Basis of Cancer Conference, Buffalo, 1984.

Biopolymers Gordon Conference, 1984.

Biophysics Symposium, MRC-Mill Hill, London, 1984.

Jeffrey Retirement Symposium, Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, 1985.

Jensen Retirement Symposium, Seattle, 1986.

FASEB Recombination Conference, Vermont, 1986.

CSM-IUCr Molecular Structure Symposium, Beijing, 1986.

Biophysical Society, Phoenix, 1988.

Intermediates in Genetic Recombination, Cold Spring Harbor, 1988.

Nanocon I, Seattle, 1989.

Sixth Stereodynamics Symposium, Albany, 1989.

FASEB Recombination Conference, Colorado, 1989.

EURAGE Genomic Instability and Aging Conference, Nerja, 1989.

ONR Biopolymers Symposium, Elkridge, 1989.

Site-Specific Recombination Conference, Woods Hole, 1990.

Electrochemical Society, Washington DC, 1991.

Nucleic Acids Gordon Conference, 1991.

Molecular Nanotechnology Conference, Palo Alto, 1991.

Bionic Design Workshop, Tsukuba, 1992.

DNA and DNA-Protein Structure Conference, Austin, 1992.

Biopolymers Gordon Conference, 1992.

American Crystallographic Association-Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, 1992.

San Diego Nucleic Acids Conference, 1992.

Materials Research Society, Boston, 1992.

American Chemical Society, Joint MARM-SERM, Arlington VA, 1992.

First Suddath Memorial Symposium, Atlanta, 1993.

ASPRONC Symposium on Super-Natured Structures and Systems, Tokyo, 1993.

IUCr XVI Microsymposium, Beijing, 1993.

American Vacuum Society, Orlando, 1993.

Materials Research Society, Boston, 1993.

Polymer-Design Conference, Asilomar, 1994

American Physical Society, Pittsburgh, 1994.

Materials Research Society, San Francisco, 1994.

American Crystallographic Association, Atlanta, 1994.

NATO ARW on Supramolecular Chemistry, Hveragerdi, 1994.

IUBMB XVI Symposium, New Delhi, 1994.

ONR Coolfont I Symposium, Berkeley Springs, WV, 1994.

Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, 1994.

New York Structural Biology Discussion Group, 1994.

DIMACS Workshop on DNA Topology and Structure, Piscataway, 1994.

Molecular Biophysics Subgroup, Biophysical Society, San Francisco, 1995.

Nature Conference on The Science of Complex Molecular Systems, Paris, 1995.

Bio-Organic Chemistry Gordon Conference, 1995.

Ninth Stereodynamics Symposium, Albany, 1995.

NATO ARW on Modular Chemistry, Estes Park, 1995.

American Chemical Society, NERM, Rochester, 1995.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Charlotte, 1995.

Molecular Nanotechnology Conference (Feynman Award Lecture), Palo Alto, 1995.

IBC Conference on Molecular Electronics, Marina del Rey, 1996.

American Mathematical Society, Iowa City, 1996.

High Polymer Research Conference, Moretonhampstead, 1996.

NATO ARW on Self-Assembly in Synthetic Chemistry, Val Morin, Quebec, 1996.

DIMACS DNA-Based Computing Conference II, Princeton, 1996.

IUCr XVII, Microsymposium, Seattle, 1996.

IBC Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology, San Diego, 1996.

Nanotechnology Symposium, New York University, Physics Department, 1997.

NSF/WTEC Nanoparticle Workshop, 1997.

American Chemical Society, MARM, New York, 1997.

Intelligence Community Advanced Technology Panel, 1997.

Biomolecular Motors and Nanomachines, Rensselaerville, 1997.

Molecular Nanotechnology Conference (Lecture and Panel), Palo Alto, 1997.

Pattern Formation: Biology, Dynamics & Computer Graphics, Bures-sur-Yvette, 1997.

IBC Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology, San Diego, 1997.

Molecular Biophysics Subgroup, Biophysical Society, Kansas City, 1998.

Symposium on Intelligence and Systems, IEEE, Washington, DC, 1998.

DIMACS DNA-Based Computing Conference IV, Princeton, 1998.

Nanostructure Fabrication Gordon Conference, Tilton, 1998.

Homage to M.C. Escher, Lima, 1998.

ONR Coolfont III Symposium, Berkeley Springs, WV, 1998.

IBC Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology, San Francisco, 1998.

Structure and Design of Synthetic Gene Medicines, San Francisco, 1999.

Advances at the Biology/Math/Computation/Physical Sciences Interface, Rutgers, 1999.

American Society for Neurochemistry, New Orleans, 1999.

New York Structural Biology Discussion Group, 1999.

Seventh Elba-Foresight Forum on Nanotechnology, Rome, 1999.

Access Conference on Nanotechnology, London, 1999.

American Crystallographic Association, Buffalo, 1999.

Eleventh Stereodynamics Symposium, Albany, 1999.

Fourth International Conference on Materials Chemistry, Dublin, 1999.

FASEB Recombination Conference, Colorado, 1999.

German Biochemical Society, Hamburg, 1999.

NSF Workshop on Biomolecular Computation, Washington DC, 1999.

Margaret and Herman Sokol Award Lecture, New York, 1999.

Mathematical Problems in the Molecular Sciences, New York, 1999.

Yale/HP (Agilent) Workshop on Bioscience Nanotechnology, New Haven, 1999.

Microscale Characterization for Materials Discovery, Newark, DE, 1999.

International Symposium on Cluster and Nanostructure Interfaces, Richmond, 1999.

Nature Biotechnology Conference on Gene Therapy, Washington, 1999.

DARPA Bio DNA Conference, Crystal City, VA, 2000.

American Physical Society, Minneapolis, 2000.

Interfacing Biology and Polymer Science, Amherst, 2000.

NATO ARW on Frontiers of Nano-Optical-Electronic Systems, Kiev, 2000.

International Symposium on Nanoscale Science and Technology, Tel Aviv, 2000.

Bio-Organic Chemistry Gordon Conference, 2000.

Organic Structures and Properties Gordon Conference, 2000.

Nanoscience & Technology:  Shaping Biomedical Research, BECON 3, Bethesda, 2000.

DARPA Focus 2000:  Bio, Info, Physical Systems, Chantilly, 2000.

11th International Symposium on Supramolecular Chemistry, Fukuoka, 2000.

Functional Nanostructures, American Chemical Society, Washington DC, 2000.

Petersheim Symposium, American Chemical Society, Washington DC, 2000.

Second Intl. Conf. on Supramolecular Science and Technology, Leuven, 2000.

Eighth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology, Washington DC, 2000.

National Nanofabrication Users Network Workshop, Washington DC, 2000.

Poly Millennial 2000, Waikoloa, HI, 2000.

Dartmouth Molecular Materials Symposium, 2001.

American Physical Society, Seattle, 2001.

Ninth Suddath Memorial Symposium, Atlanta, 2001.

ARDA Workshop on Molecular Electronics, College Park, 2001.

Strategic Nucleic Acid Research, Stockholm, 2001.

National Academy of Sciences, Sackler Colloq. on Nanoscience, Washington, DC, 2001.

ACS Symposium on Biological Applications of Nanotechnology, Berkeley, 2001.

Seventh Workshop on DNA-Based Computation (Tutorial), Tampa, 2001.

Condensed Matter Physics Gordon Conference, 2001.

Nucleic Acids Gordon Conference, 2001.

Chemistry of Electronic Materials Gordon Conference, 2001.

American Crystallographic Association, Los Angeles, 2001.

Nano-Physics and BioElectronics, Dresden, 2001.

Electron Interactions in DNA, Los Angeles, 2001.

Life Sciences and Nanostructured Materials, Philadelphia, 2001.

Nanoscience in a  Mega-City, New York, 2001.

Jeffrey Memorial Symposium, Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, Covington, KY, 2001.

DARPA/NSF BioComp PI Conference, Monterey, CA, 2001.

DOE-BES Biomolecular Materials Workshop, Del Mar, CA, 2002.

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Boston, 2002.

BTG Nanotechnology Network Workshop, London, 2002.

Fundamental Materials Research Symposium, East Lansing, 2002.

1st International Conference on Nanoscale/Molecular Mechanics, Maui, 2002.

DARPA Biocomp PI Meeting, Washington, DC, 2002.

DNA-Based Molecular Construction, Jena, 2002.

8th Conference on DNA-Based Computers (tutorial), Sapporo, 2002.

Workshop on Nanoscience, Columbia, SC, 2002.

Banbury Conference on Biosensors, Cold Spring Harbor, 2002.

ONR Biomolecular & Biosciences Program Review, Duck Key, 2002.

Nanobionics II, Marburg, 2002.

10th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology, Bethesda, 2002.

Applications of Nanotechnology to Biomedical Science, Newark, NJ, 2002.

Entanglement at the Nanoscale, ICTP, Trieste (2), 2002.

IUPAC-PC2002, Kyoto, 2002.

DARPA BioComp PI Meeting, San Diego, 2002.

National Science Foundation, NIRT Investigators Conference, Washington, DC, 2002.

Center for Nanoscience Winter School,  Mauterndorf, 2003.

New York Nanoscience Discussion Group, New York, 2003.

Biol. Apps. of Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology, Am. Chem. Soc., New Orleans, 2003.

Frontiers in Chemical and Structural Biology, Montreal (Keynote), 2003.

DARPA/NSF BioComp PI Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, 2003.

New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium, Murray Hill, 2003.

Thirteenth Conversation on Biomolecular Stereodynamics, Albany, 2003.

Fourth Workshop on Future Trends in Microelectronics, Pianotola, Corsica, 2003.

15th International Conference on Affinity Interactions, Cambridge, UK, 2003.

IEEE, Molecular Electronics Nanotechnology Symposium, San Francisco, 2003.

II ASTATPHYS-MEX-2003: Molecular Engineering Conference, Puerto Vallarta, 2003.

American Chemical Society Materials Symposium, New York, 2003.

American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Information, New York, 2003.

ONR Biomolecular & Biosciences Program Review, Duck Key, 2003.

Biomolecular Mathematics, American Mathematical Society, Binghamton, 2003.

Materials Research Society, Boston, 2003.

Congress on Evolutionary Computing, Canberra, 2003.

UK Macrocycles and Supramolecular Chemistry, Sheffield, 2004.

DARPA BioComp PI Meeting, College Park, MD, 2004.

NACON VI, Sheffield, 2004.

Foundations of Nanoscience, Snowbird, 2004.

High Polymer Research Conference, Pott Shrigley, 2004.

DNA-Based Molecular Electronics, Jena, 2004.

Reaching for the Ultimate, ISNSCE Inaugural Symposium, Milan, 2004.

Chirality 2004, ISCD-16, New York, 2004.

American Crystallographic Association, Chicago, 2004. 

DNA & Chromosomes:  Physical & Biological Approaches (2), Cargese, Corsica, 2004.

Dynamics, Control and Computation in Biochemical Networks, Banff, 2004.

US National Academy Committee on Advances in Technology, Cuernavaca, 2004.

Biomedical Engineering Materials and Applications Roundtable, Washington DC, 2004.

Electrochemical Society, Honolulu, 2004

Foresight Symposium on Molecular Machine Systems, Washington, DC, 2004.

Optics East, SPIE, Philadelphia, 2004.

Robert F. Stewart Retirement Symp., Pittsburgh Diffraction Society, Pittsburgh, 2004.

American Chemical Society, SERM, Durham, NC, 2004.

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research in Nanoelectronics, Vancouver, 2004.

Bio Nano-Engineering for Nanodevices, Paris, 2004.

Engineering a DNA World, Pasadena, 2005.

National Acad. Sciences Workshop on Molecular Manufacturing, Washington DC, 2005.

RSC Conference on Chemical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Nottingham, 2005.

Fourth International Symposium on Chemical Biophysics, Toronto, 2005.

Nobel Workshop on Fundamentals of Biomolecular Function, Coimbra, 2005.

Turing Days Symposium, Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi, Istanbul, 2005.

American Chemical Society, MARM, Piscataway, NJ, 2005.

11th Conference on DNA-Based Computing (tutorial), London, Ont., 2005.

NANO 2005, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, 2005.

Seventh Beckman Symposium, Irvine, CA, 2005.

New York Structural Biology Discussion Group, Cold Spring Harbor, 2005.

15th IUPAB and 5th EBSA Conference, Montpellier, 2005.

Ninth International Conference on Environmental Mutagens, San Francisco, 2005.

British Association for the Advancement of Science Festival, Dublin, 2005.

Biocomputers 2005, Seoul, 2005.

Third COE Symposium on Human Friendly Materials Based on Chemistry, Tokyo, 2005.

Fourth Conference on Unusual Computation, Sevilla, 2005.

Fifth Virtual Conference on Genomics and Bioinformatics, Arlington, VA, 2005.

American Vacuum Society, Boston, 2005.

NSF Workshop on Opportunities of Nanoscience to Energy, Arlington, VA, 2005.

Molecular Biology Society of Japan, Fukuoka, 2005.

NYU-Penn Soft Matter Workshop, New York, 2006.

Structure by Design, Biophysical Society, Salt Lake City, 2006.

Workshop on Sensing Biomolecular Architectures, Charlottesville, 2006.

Genomes to Systems Conference, Manchester, 2006.

New York Nanoscience Discussion Group, New York, 2006.

DNA-Based Nanoscale Integration, Jena, 2006.

89th Canadian Chemistry Conference, Halifax, 2006.

12th Conference on DNA-Based Computing (tutorial), Seoul, 2006.

Canadian Society of Microbiology/Genetics Society of Canada, London, Ontario, 2006.

Fifth Workshop on Future Trends in Microelectronics, Aghia Pelagia, Crete, 2006.

International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Brisbane, 2006.

NSF Workshop on Cyber Infrastructure in Materials Science, 2006.

Intl. Roundtable on Nucleosides Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids-XVII, Bern, 2006. 

Second Symposium on Semiconductor Wires, Lund (Keynote + Tutorial), 2006.

Complex Molecular Architectures on Surfaces, Bonn, 2006.

Seventh Dartmouth Symposium on Nanomaterials, 2006.

Nano:  The Future is Here, Giessen, 2006.

NSF Workshop on the Computational World View and the Sciences, Princeton, 2006.

Advanced Architectures for Biol. Agent Detection & Discrimination, Hoboken, 2007.

Trends in Nanoscience, Kloster Irsee, 2007.

Arthur M. Sackler Symposium on Nanomaterials, Washington DC, 2007.

Pre-Biotic Chemistry and Early Evolution, Dubrovnik, 2007.

Thirteenth Conference on DNA-Based Computing (tutorial), Memphis, 2007.

Fifteenth Conversation on Biomolecular Stereodynamics, Albany, 2007.

Workshop on Tilings and Self-Assembly, Turku, 2007.

Goddard Symposium, Am. Chem. Soc., Boston, 2007.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Future of Nano and Bio Technologies, Tucson, 2007.

Molecular Foundry-Advanced Light Source User's Meeting, Berkeley, 2007.

Second International Symposium on Bio-Inspired Engineering, Dead Sea, 2007.

Workshop in NSF Nanoelectronics, Arlington, VA, 2007.

NYNBIT Technical Meeting, Utica, 2007.

Nucleic Acid Science: The Excitement of Discovery, Chemische Gesellschaft Zurich, 2007.

Knotting Mathematics and Art, Tampa, 2007.

DOE Biomolecular Materials Meeting, Warrenton, VA, 2007.

CIFAR Nanoelectronics Program Meeting, Vancouver, 2007.

Materials Research Society, Boston, 2007.

Workshop on Algorithmic Bioprocesses, Leiden, 2007.

Short Course on Applications of Knot Theory, American Math. Soc., San Diego, 2008.

Impact of Nucleic Acid Nanostructure on Function, Bangalore, 2008.

William H. Nichols Lecture, White Plains, NY 2008.

Materials Research Society, San Francisco, 2008.

New York Nanoscience Discussion Group, 2008.

Office of Naval Research, DNA Nanofabrication Workshop, Washington, DC, 2008.

American Chemical Society, MARM, Queens, NY, 2008.

Neville R. Kallenbach 70th Birthday Symposium, New York, 2008.

Molecular Frontiers Symposium, Stockholm, 2008.

Fourteenth Conference on DNA-Based Computing (tutorial), Prague, 2008.

Third CIMTEC Conference on Smart Materials, Structures and Systems, Acireale, 2008.

International Symposium on Spectral Sensing Research, Hoboken, 2008.

Third Int'l Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry, Las Vegas, 2008

DSRC Workshop, Harvard, Cambridge, 2008.

Nanotides Symposium, Düsseldorf, 2008.

ONR Workshop, Arlington,VA, 2009.

Second CDNA Minisymposium, Durham, NC, 2009.

35th Northeast Bioengineering Conference, Boston, 2009.

Materials Research Society, San Francisco, 2009.

DNA-Based Nanotechnology: Construction, Mechanics, and Electronics, Dresden, 2009.

44th Bürgenstock Conference, Brunnen, 2009.

National Institute for Materials Science:  NIMS Week, Tsukuba, 2009.

American Crystallographic Association, Toronto, 2009.

Steenbock Symposium honoring Har Gobind Khorana, Madison, 2009.

Ctr. for Funct. Nanostructs., Sum. Sch. on Nano-Biol. (Keynote), Bad Herrenalb, 2009.

Nanoelectronic Devices Defense and Security, Fort Lauderdale, 2009.

Singularity Summit, New York, 2009.

NanoSWEC Workshop, Bordeaux, 2009.

Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Frontiers of Science Lecture, New York, 2009.

ONR Workshop on 3D-Based DNA Nanofabrication, New York, 2009.

Second Workshop of the Molecular Programming Project, Oxnard, 2010.

First NanoEngineering for Medicine and Biology Congress, Houston, 2010.

Swiss Chemical Society, Bern, 2010.

American Physical Society, Portland, OR, 2010.

American Chemical Society, San Francisco, 2010.

Ph.D. School in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2 Tutorials), Milan, 2010.

Wyss Institute, New Directions in Synthetic Biology, Boston, 2010.

Beilstein Symposium on Functional Nanosciences, Bozen, 2010.

Biopolymers Gordon Conference, 2010.

DNA-16, Hong Kong, 2010.

Nanofabrication Gordon Conference, Tilton, 2010.

Stereochemistry Gordon Conference, Salve Regina, 2010.

James W. Canary 50th Birthday Symposium, New York, 2010.

CNIC 2010, Havana, 2010.

Kavli Prize Lecture, Oslo, 2010.

Second Nanotechnology Symposium at NTNU, Trondheim, 2010.

British Science Festival, Birmingham, 2010.

7th ERA-Chem. Flash Conf. on Bioinspired Chemistry, Santiago de Compostela, 2010.

ElecMol'10, Grenoble, 2010.

Workshop on Research Frontiers in Bioinspired Energy, Washington, DC, 2011.

Kavli Futures Symposium, Plenty of Room at the Middle, Pasadena, CA, 2011.

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, DC, 2011.

Nanoscale Biophysics Subgroup, Biophysical Society, Baltimore, 2011.

ONR Workshop on 3D-Based DNA Nanofabrication, Phoenix, 2011.

ISNSCE Prize Lecture, Snowbird, Utah, 2011.

Synthetic Biology Workshop, Paris, 2011.

Soft Matter Physics Approaches to Biology, KITP, Santa Barbara, 2011.

American Crystallographic Association, Plenary Lecture, New Orleans, 2011. 

94th Canadian Chemistry Conference, Montreal, 2011 (remote).

Seventeenth Conversation on Biomolecular Stereodynamics, Albany, 2011.

ARO MURI Kickoff, Crystal City, 2011.

ONR MURI Kickoff, Evanston, 2011.

Q-Bio Conference on Cellular Information Processing, Santa Fe, 2011. 

Nano-DDS, Plenary Lecture, Brooklyn, 2011.

Dimensionality, Swiss Academy of Sciences, Bern, 2011.

Structural DNA Nanotechnology, New York, 2011.

FINAR2RBP, Bangalore, 2011.

Fourteenth IUPAC Conference on Polymers and Organic Chemistry, Doha, 2012.

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Science of Digital Fabrication, MIT, 2013.

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Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation, London, Ontario, 2014.

Dynamic DNA Structures in Biology, FASEB SRC, Itasca, Illinois, 2014.

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Programmable Molecular Robots and Nanobots, Cambridge, MA, 2014.

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ONR Grant Review, Evanston, 2015.



Alexander Rich Memorial Gathering, Cambridge, MA, 2015.


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Intramural Seminars:


SUNY/Albany, Institute of Biomolecular Stereodynamics, 1978.

SUNY/Albany, Department of Biological Sciences, 1982.

SUNY/Albany, Department of Biological Sciences, 1986.

New York University, Department of Biology, 1991.

New York University, Draper Chemical Society, 1998.

New York University, Department of Chemistry, 1998.

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New York University, Department of Physics, 2004.

New York University, Draper Chemical Society, 2005.

New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, H79.2486, Art-Science Collisions, 2009.

New York University, Department of Biology, 2010.

New York University, Structural Biology, 2013.

New York University, Science on the Square, 2014.



Extramural Classroom Lectures:


Tufts University Medical School, Biochemistry Department (2), 1973.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Physics Department, 1977.

Albany Medical College, Biochemistry Department, 1985.

New York University, Chemistry Department, 1988.

Rutgers University, Chemistry Department, 1993, 1995.

Scripps Research Institute, Chemistry Department, 1995.

University of Rochester, Chemistry Department, 1995.

New York University Medical School, Skirball Institute, 1995.


Extramural Film and Videotape Presentations:


IUCr IX, Kyoto, 1972.

IUCr X, Amsterdam, 1975.

GTE Laboratories, Waltham, 1975.

University of California at San Francisco, 1978.

Craven Symposium, Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, Athens, GA, 1997.


Extramural Presentations to Non-Technical Audiences:


Technology Transfer Conference, Keynote Speaker, Queens, NY, 1993.

New York Academy of Sciences, Junior Academy, Lecturer, New York, NY, 1994.

Thundergulch, [email protected], New York, NY 1998.

Art/Sci '98, Cooper Union, Panelist, New York, NY, 1998.

ASCI, New York, NY, Lecturer, 2000.

Entertaining Science, Cornelia Street Cafe, presenter, 2003.

Redshift Improvisational Theater Group, 2004 (2).

Staples High School Science Symposium, 2005.

FUSE TV, 2007.

William H. Nichols Symposium Banquet, 2008.



External Support:


Current Research Support:


MURI:  Near and Far-Field Interfaces to DNA-Guided Nanostructures from RF to Light Wave: Exploiting the Spectrum, Army Research Office, Subcontractor, W911NF-11-1-0024, $110,000, 2011-2016, 2%.


MURI:  Conductive DNA Systems and Molecular Devices, Office of Naval Research, Subcontractor, N00014-11-1-0729, $200,000, 2011-2016, 2%.


COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH:  Active DNA Assembly of Aperiodic Structures, National Science Foundation, PI, CCF-1117210, $98,600, 2011-2014, 2%.


Self-Assembly and Self-Replication of Novel Materials from Particles with Specific Recognition, Department of Energy, DE-SC0007991, Subcontractor, $39372, 2012-2015, 2%.


ODISSEI: Foldable Self-Replicating DNA Nanostructures for Organization of Functional Nanomaterials and 3D Meta-Material Assembly, National Science foundation, Subcontractor, EFRI-1332411, $70,000/yr, 2013-2018 2%.


Self Replication with Mobility, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Subcontractor, 3849, $48,516/yr T.D.C., 2%.



Previous Research Support: 



SNM: Electronically Controlled Surface Assembly of DNA Nanostructures, National Science Foundation, Subcontractor, 1120890, $100,000, 2011-2014, 2%.


MURI:  DNA-Based Three Dimensional Nanofabrication, Office of Naval Research, Subcontractor, N000140911118, $80,000/yr, 2009-2013, 2%.



The Interaction of Teratogens with Mammalian Sperm Chromatin, PI, March of Dimes, Basil O'Connor Award # 5-215, 1978-1981, $20,000/year, T.C.


Structure and Recognition of Nucleic Acids in 3-D, PI, NIH, GM-26467, 1979-1982, about $20,000/year, T.D.C.


Physical Chemistry of Recombinational Intermediates,

Principal Investigator, National Institutes of Health, R37 GM-29554, 

1982-1985, about $48,000/year T.D.C.,

1985-1988, about $109,000/year T.D.C.,

1988-1993, about $133,000/year T.D.C.,

1993-1997, about $152,000/year T.D.C,

1997-2001, about $175,000/year, T.D.C.

2001-2005, $200,000/year, T.D.C.

2005-2013, $225,000/year, T.D.C. (~$346,500/year T.C.) (MERIT)


Biophysics of Recombinational Intermediates, RCDA, NIH, ES-00117, 1982-1987, $53,356/year T.D.C.


Prototyping Biomolecular Computations, Subcontractor, National Science Foundation and Defense Advanced Research Projects

Agency, NSF-CCR-97-25021 1997-2000, $100,000/year, T.C.


DNA Nanotechnology for Massive Information Storage, Principal Contractor, Air Force Research Laboratory at Rome, NY, F30602-98-C-0148,

1998-2000, $150,000/year, T.C.


Nanoscale:  Self-Assembly of Nanoparticle Arrays Using Two-Dimensional DNA Crystals, Subcontractor, National Science Foundation, CTS-9986512, 2000-2002, $40,000/year, T.C.


Multidimensional DNA-Based Nanoarrays, Subcontractor, DARPA/AFOSR, F30602-01-2-0561, 2001-2004, $379,000/Year, T.C., 20%


Macromolecular Design:  Structural Engineering of Biomaterials on the Nanometer Scale, Principal Investigator, Office of Naval Research, 


1989-1991, $75,000/year, T.C.,

1991-1994, $100,000/year, T.C.,

1994-1997, $100,000/year, T.C.


1997-2001, $100,000/year, T.C.

2001-2004, $120,000/year, T.C., 5%


NIRT:  DNA-Based Nanomechanical Devices, National Science Foundation, PI, CTS-0103002, 2001-2005, $375,000/year, T.C., 5%


SGER:  Feasibility Study of DNA-Directed Polymer Synthesis, PI, CTS-0548774, 2005-2006, $200,000, T.C., 2%.


Self-Assembly of DNA Nano-Scale Structures for Computation, National Science Foundation, Subcontractor, EIA-0086015, 2000-2005, $118,500/year, T.C., 5%


Commercial Applications of Structural DNA Nanotechnology, Nanoscience Technologies, Inc., PI, 2003-2006, $331,558/year, T.C., 2%.


Programmable Finite State Machines Achieved by DNA Self-Assembly, National Science Foundation, PI, CCF-0432009, 2004-2007, $100,000/yr. T.C. (average), 2%.


DOE-NYNBIT, Self-Assembled DNA Arrays and Devices for Diverse Structural Patterning, Subcontractor, 2006-2007, $60,000, 2%.



DNA-Based Photonic Bandgap Structures and Devices, Army Research Office, PI, 48681-EL, $175,000/yr, 2005-2008, T.C., 2%.


NANO: EMT: Revolutionary 3D Nanoarchitectures to Organize the Assembly of Computing Elements, National Science Foundation, PI, CCF-0523290, 2005-2008, $100,000/yr, T.C., 2%.


NIRT: Active Nanostructures for Nucleic Directed Synthesis of Organic Functional Polymers, National Science Foundation, PI, CTS-0608889, 2006-2010, $375,000/yr, T.C. 2%.


Self-Replicating Materials.  One of Four Investigators, W. M. Keck Foundation, $1,200,000, T.C. 2007-2009, 2%.


Collaborative Research: EMT:  Programmable Molecular Movements, National Science Foundation, PI, CCF-0726378, $100,000/yr, T.C. 2007-2010, 2%.


DNA Crystal Based Advanced  Architecture for Biomolecular Optoelectronics, Army Research OfficeW911FF-08-C-0057,  via Pegasus Corporation, Subcontractor, $115,000/yr, 2008-2012, T.C., 2%.


MURI:  Biologically Assembled Quantum Electronic Arrays, Army Research Office, Subcontractor, W911NF-07-1-0439, $145,000/yr, 2007-2012, 2%.



Previous Equipment Grants:


Purchase of Automated X-ray Diffractometer System, Core User, NIH, GM-27459, 1979-1981, $149,000 T.D.C.


A SUNY Beam Port on NSLS at Brookhaven , Member of SUNY PRT, DOE, DEAC0280ER10759, 1980-, $850,000 construction, $100,000/year support (non-SUNY member of PRT, 1988-).


Laboratories for Biomolecular Imaging, One of Four Investigators, W. M. Keck Foundation, $1,000,000, 1990.


Purchase of An Atomic Force Microscope for DNA Nanotechnology, NSF, PI, DMR-01138790, 2001-2002 $90,000, T.C., 0% 






** Indicates that the work was the central focus of the article.

* Indicates that the work was discussed in a wider context.

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SUNY/Albany, Department of Biology 1977-1988:


Individuals Supervised:


Edward Murphy, 1978-1981, Technician.

Robert D. Rosenstein, 1979-1981, Postdoctoral.

Stephen Carmack, 1981, Computer Consultant.

Ellen Worthing, 1982, Technician.

Martha Dalton, 1982-1983, Technician.

Anthony Cofrancesco, 1983-1984, Postdoctoral.

Carol Valente, 1983-1984, Postdoctoral.

Richard D. Sheardy, 1984-1986, Visiting Professor.

Chung-Chu Hwang, 1985-1986, Technician.

Colin J. Newton, 1986-1987, Postdoctoral.

Mary Petrillo Slingluff, 1986-1987, Technician.

Joseph Maiorella, 1986-1987, Technician.

Peggy Mulligan, 1987-1988, Technician.



Graduate Students:


Kathleen A. McDonough, M.S., 1985.

Junghuei Chen, M.S., 1987.

John E. Mueller, Ph.D., 1991, #2.



Thesis Committees:


John E. Mueller, M.S., Biology, 1981.

Nancy Casna, Ph.D., Biology, 1983.

Nadya Lumelsky, Ph.D., Biology, 1984.

Ray Volpe, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1986.

Wasfi Attalla, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1986.

Gregg Hastings, Ph.D., Biology, 1988.

Jonatha Gott, Ph.D., Biology, 1988.

Lothar Krinke, Ph.D., Biology, 1988.

Adriana Verschoor, Ph.D., Biology, 1989.

Ming-Qun Xu, Ph.D., Biology, 1989.



Undergraduate Research Students:


I supervised about 25 undergraduate research students in my laboratory at SUNY/Albany.


Richard Scriven won the Glen Bumpus Award (best undergraduate research in SUNY/Albany Biology Department) for work done in my laboratory, 1986.



New York University, Department of Chemistry (1988-present):



Former Graduate Students, Department of Chemistry:


Junghuei Chen, Ph.D., 1990 (Margaret & Herman Sokol Fellow, 1989-1990), #1.

Tsu-Ju Fu, Ph.D., 1993, #3.

Yuwen Zhang, Ph.D., 1993 (Dissertation Fellow, 1991-1992), #4.

Shou Ming Du, Ph.D., 1994 (Margaret & Herman Sokol Fellow, 1992-1993) (Outstanding Dissertation Award, 1994), #5.

Yinli Wang, Ph.D., 1995, #6.

Jing Qi, Ph.D., 1996, #7.

Bing Liu, Ph.D., 1996, #8.

Hui Wang, Ph.D., 1996 (Margaret & Herman Sokol Fellow, 1994-1995).(Outstanding Dissertation Award, 1996), #9.

Hangxia Qiu, Ph.D., 1997, #10.

Xiaojun Li, Ph.D., 1997, #11.

Xiaoping Yang, Ph.D., 1998 (Margaret & Herman Sokol Fellow, 1997-1998), #12.

Furong Liu, Ph.D., 1998, #13.

Zhiyong Shen, Ph.D., 1999, #14.

Chengde Mao, Ph.D., 1999 (Dissertation Fellow, 1998-1999).(Outstanding Dissertation Award, 1999), #15.

Weiqiong Sun, Ph.D., 1999, #16.

Ruojie Sha, Ph.D., 2000, #17.

Hao Yan, Ph.D., 2001 (Dissertation Fellow, 2000-2001), #18.

Phiset Sa-Ardyen, Ph.D., 2003, #19.

Wanqiu Shen, Ph.D., 2004, #20.

Jens Kopatsch, Ph.D., 2004, #21

Pamela Constantinou, Ph.D. 2005 (Kramer Fellow, 2000-2001), #22.

Xiaoping Zhang, Ph.D., 2005, #23.

Shiping Liao, Ph.D., 2005, #24.

Jeffrey Birac, Ph.D., 2006., #25.

Baoquan Ding, Ph.D., 2006 (Dissertation Fellow, 2004-2005), #26.

Lisa Israel, Ph.D., 2006 (Kramer Fellow, 2002-2003), #27.

Liang Ding, Ph.D., 2006, #28.

Alejandra Garibotti, Ph.D., 2006, #29.

Tong Wang, Ph.D., 2007 (Margaret & Herman Sokol Fellow, 2005-2006), #30.

Hong Zhong, Ph.D., 2007, #31.

Gang Wu, Ph.D., 2007, #32.

Banani Chakraborty, Ph.D., 2008, #33.

Xing Wang, Ph.D., 2008, #34.

Tosan Omabegho, Ph.D., 2009, #35.

Hongzhou Gu, Ph.D., 2009 (Dissertation Fellow, 2008-2009), #36.

Jianping Zheng, Ph.D., 2009, #37.

Risheng Wang, Ph.D., 2009, #38.

Chunhua Liu, Ph.D., 2010 (Excellent Student Paper, DNA-15, 2009), #39.

Yoel Ohayon, Ph.D., 2010, #40.

Tanashaya Ciengshin, Ph.D., 2010, #41.

Hari Krishnaswamy Subramanian, Ph.D., 2010, #42.

Wenyan Liu, Ph.D., 2012, #43.

Dadong Li, Ph.D., 2012 (Dissertation Fellow, 2011-2012), #44.

Anuttara Udomprasert, Ph.D., 2012, #45.

Xinshuai Zhao, Ph.D., 2012, #46.

Nam Nguyen, Ph.D., 2013, #47.

Yuhang Li, Ph.D., 2014, #48.

Dong Niu, Ph.D., 2015, #49.


Arun Richard Chandrasekharan, (Outstanding Grad. Stud. Teaching Award Sci., 2011-2012), Ph.D., 2015, #50.

Uri Kotzer, Ph.D., 2015, #51.



Doctoral Students, Department of Chemistry, Current:


Xiang Gao

Carina Hernandez

Yudong Hao

Yue Zhao


Master's Students, Department of Chemistry


Haotian Wu, M.S., 2014.

Fiona Conn, M.S., 2015.



Other Individuals Supervised:


Siwei Zhang, 1991-1994, Postdoctoral.

John J. Molenda, 1994-1995, Postdoctoral.

Erik Winfree, 1995, Visiting Graduate Student.

Michael Bruist, 1995-1996, Visiting Professor.

Hiroshi Iwasaki, 1996, Visiting Professor.

Lisa Wenzler, 1996-1998, Postdoctoral.

Hui Wang, 1996-1997, Postdoctoral.

Jens Kopatsch, 1998, 2002-2006, Visiting Graduate Student-Postdoc.

Barbara Jäger, 1998, Visiting Graduate Student.

Furong Liu, 1998-2001, Postdoctoral.

Chengde Mao, 1999-2001, Postdoctoral.

Philip Lukeman, 1999-2007, Postdoctoral.

Yariv Pinto, 1999-2003, Postdoctoral.

William Sherman, 2000-2005, Postdoctoral.

Yoel Ohayon, 2000-2001, Technician.

Natasha Jonoska, 2001, Visiting Professor.

Jens Birktoft, 2001-, Senior Research Associate.

Loraine Foley, 2002-2003, Postdoctoral.

Jiwen Zheng, 2002-2006, Postdoctoral.

Andrea Giro, 2002-2003, Visiting Graduate Student.

Gustavo Serrano, 2003, Visiting Undergraduate Student.

Rogelio Snyder, 2003-2004, Technician.

Ruojie Sha, 2003-, Senior Research Associate and Laboratory Manager.

Masayuki Endo, 2005, Visiting Scientist.

Pamela Constantinou, 2005, Postdoctoral.

Xiaoping Zhang, 2005-2006, Postdoctoral.

Shiping Liao, 2005-2006, Postdoctoral.

Akinori Kuzuya, 2005-2007, Postdoctoral.

Cliff Johnson, 2005-2006, Postdoctoral.

Adriana Biasco, 2005, Postdoctoral.

Nils Heimann, 2005, Visiting Graduate Student.

Roberto Rosetti, 2005, Visiting Student.

Youngbaek Kim, 2006-2011, Visiting Scientist.

Jie Chao, 2006-2007, Visiting Graduate Student.

Tim Leidl, 2006, Visiting Graduate Student.

Tong Wang, 2007-2009, Postdoctoral.

Pascal Küpfer, 2007-2008, Postdoctoral.

Thorsten Schmidt, 2007, Visiting Graduate Student.

Daisuke Miyoshi, 2008, Visiting Professor.

Nishen Naidoo, 2009, Visiting Postdoctoral.

Tom Sobey, 2009, Visiting Graduate Student.

Jianping Zheng, 2009-2010, Postdoctoral.

Jennifer Padilla, 2011-2014, Postdoctoral.

Ming Zhou, 2011-2013, Visiting Professor.

Xiaojin He, 2011-2013, Visiting Graduate Student.

Hao Pei, 2013-2015, Postdoctoral.

Martin Kristiansen, 2013-2015, Postdoctoral.

Gias Uddin, 2013- Postdoctoral.

Melissa Santorini, 2014, Visiting Medical Student.

Hong Chen, 2014-2015, Postdoctoral.

Elia Jannett, 2014, Postdoctoral.

Gexiang Zhang, 2015-, Postdoctoral.

Huialin Jiang, 2015-, Postdoctoral.

Pinghua Chen, 2015-, Postdoctoral.


Other Research Students:


Emil Gangian, NYU undergraduate, 1988-89.

Michael Kwong, NYU undergraduate, 1989-90.

Robin Squeo, NYU undergraduate, 1990-91.

Larry Rand, NYU undergraduate, 1991-92.

Kieun Kim, Stuyvesant High School Senior, 1992.

Kolby Jardine, NYU undergraduate, 1998-99.

Mathew McCann, NYU undergraduate, 1998.

Kyoko Hiraoka, Syracuse undergraduate, 1998.

Yewande Henry, Lehman undergraduate, 1998.

Channa Kolb, NYU undergraduate, 1999-2001.

Jamie Gennis, New Rochelle High School Senior, 1999.

Aaron Noelle, NYU undergraduate, 2000.

Amanda Rice, NYU undergraduate, 2001-2002.

Goldwater Scholar, 2002-2003.

Alex Mittal, Greenwich High School Student, 2001-2003.

Second Place, Connecticut State Science Fair, 2002.

United Technologies Corp. Award, 2002.

NASA Award, 2002.

Patent & Trademark Office Society, 2nd Place, 2002.

Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award, 2002.

Intel Foundation Achievement Award, 2002.

Intel ISEF Best of Chemistry Award, 2002.

Intel Chemistry First Award, 2002.

Intel Semi-Finalist, 2003.

ISEF Chemistry, Second Place.

John Sadowski, North Shore High School Student, 2001-2003.

Intel Semi-Finalist, 2003.

ISEF American Chemical Society, First Prize; Third Prize in Biochemistry, 2003.

JSHS, Second Prize in Physical Sciences, 2003.

Robert Barish, Fox Lane High School (Bedford, NY) Student, 2002.

Intel Semifinalist, 2003.

Gustavo Serrano, Catholica (Peru) undergraduate, 2002.

Mary Stevenson, Harvard undergraduate, 2003-2004.

Tobias Schoen, Heidelberg undergraduate, 2003.

Michael O'Connor, NYU undergraduate, 2003-2004.

Shane Mulligan, Staples High School (Westport, CT) Student, 2003-2005.

Siemens-Westinghouse Regional Finalist, 2004.

Intel Connecticut Semifinalist, 2005.

Miriam Boer, NYU undergraduate, 2004-2005.

Meghna Desai, NYU undergraduate, 2004-2005.

Ryan Teekasingh, High School of Economics and Finance (Manhattan), 2005.

Hyabybii Cuevas, High School of Economics and Finance (Manhattan), 2005.

Rebekah Chong, High School of Economics and Finance (Manhattan), 2005.

Maya Madzharova, High School of Economics and Finance (Manhattan), 2005.

Elizabeth Phipps, NYU undergraduate, 2005-2006.

2nd Prize in NYU Science Competition, 2006.

Khwaja A Ahmed, NYU undergraduate, 2005-2006.

Aaron Rifkin, Columbia Preparatory High School Student, 2005-2007.

Xiaoting Tan,, Manhattan International High School Student, 2006-2007.

Zeliang Zheng, Manhattan International High School Student, 2006-2007.

Cynthia-Marie Tolentino, University of California, Davis, Undergraduate, 2006.

Damilola Aghedo, Benjamin Banneker Academy (Brooklyn), 2007.

Joe Kim, NYU undergraduate, 2007-2009.

Peter Liang, NYU undergraduate, 2008-2011.

Undergraduate Research Conference Award, 2011.

Cole Korponay, North Shore High School (Glen Head, NY), 2008-2010.

Intel Semifinalist, 2010.

Jonathon Cai, Exeter High School Student, 2009-2011.

Kristin Silinski, NYU undergraduate, 2009-2011.

Pavan Niel Mahotra, NYU undergraduate, 2009-2010.

Brittany Gelfand, University of Florida, undergraduate, 2009.

Melissa Ingram, NYU undergraduate, 2009-2011.

Kevin Cannon, NYU undergraduate, 2011-2013.

Victoria Adesoba, NYU undergraduate/post-bac, 2012 URS Winner, 2011-2013.

Peter Y. Kim, NYU undergraduate, 2011-2012.

Salman Ahmad, NYU undergraduate, 2013 URS Winner, DURF, 2013, 2011-2014.

Rachel Nam, NYU undergraduate, 2011-2013.

Esra Demirel, NYU undergraduate, 2012-2013.

Sebastian Piombo, NYU undergraduate, 2012-2013.

Jee Kim, NYU undergraduate, 2012-2013.

Sandra Armanious, NYU undergraduate, 2012-2013.

Steven Azzam, NYU undergraduate, 2012-2013.

Chien-Rong Chen, NYU undergraduate, 2012-2013, DURF, 2013.

Sandhya Manohar, NYU undergraduate, 2012-2013.

Malorie Melia, NYU undergraduate, 2012-2013.

Michael Mohsen, NYU undergraduate, Dept. Scholar, 2014, 2014 DURF, 2012-.

Jennifer Yoo, NYU undergraduate, 2012-2013, DURF, 2013.

Sabrine Obbad, NYU undergraduate, 2012-, DURF, 2013.

Anastasia Scienski, NYU undergraduate, 2012-, DURF, 2013.

Heitham Wady, NYU undergrad, 2013 URS Winner, Two DURFS, 2012-3, 2012-.

Nivedhyta Indranathan, NYU undergraduate, 2012-2013.

Rohit Bhan, NYU undergraduate, 2012-2013.

Zachary Galasinski, NYU undergraduate, 2012-2013.

Sherry Xia, Bergen (NJ) High School, 2012-2013.

John Mendis, Floral Park Memorial High School, Queens, 2012-2013.

Anne Mendis, Floral Park Memorial High School, Queens, 2012-2013.

Christopher Hillenbrand, Regis High School, Manhattan, 2012-2013.

Sam Moser, John F. Kennedy High School, Bellmore, NY, 2012-2013.

Ashley Griggs, NYU undergraduate, Sloan Competition Advisee, 2012-2013.

Sandeea Rahman, NYU undergraduate, 2013 URS Winner, 2012-2013.

Munsath Ashraf, NYU undergraduate, 2013 URS Winner, 2012-2013.

Dong Kim, NYU undergraduate, 2013 URS Winner, 2012-2013.

Victoria Zlotnikova, NYU undergraduate, 2013 URS Win, 2013 DURF, 2012-2013.

Meet Barot, NYU undergraduate, 2013 URS Winner, 2012-2013.

Daniel Simon, NYU undergraduate, 2013 URS Winner, 2012-2013.

Eileen Shannon, NYU undergraduate, 2013 DURF, URC winner, 2014 2012-2014.

Rutu Shah, NYU undergrad,, 2013 DURF, ACS Org.Chm.Award, 2014, 2012-2014.

Amritpal Saini, NYU undergraduate 2013-4 DURF, 2013-2014.

Nina Fisher, NYU undergraduate, 2013-4 DURF, 2013-2014.

Sean Kim, NYU undergraduate, 2013-4 DURF, URC winner, 2014, 2013-2014.

Nicholas Sachs, NYU undergraduate, 2013-, FAST, 2013-2014.

Anthony Osuala, NYU undergraduate, 2013-, CSTEP, 2013-.

Ian Passman, NYU undergraduate, 2014 DURF, 2013-.

Olga Krestyaninova, NYU undergraduate, URC winner, 2014, 2013-.

Chirag Shah, 2014 DURF, 2013-.

JiaJi Lin, 2014 DURF, 2013-.

Xi Luo, 2014 FAST, 2014-.



Fates of Former Graduate Students [NYU papers, patents]:


Kathleen A. McDonough [1].

Ph.D. [Stanley Falkow], Stanford University, 1991.

Postdoc [Barry Bloom], Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1991-1993.

Group Leader, NY State Dept. of Health, 1993- (Tenured, 1996).

Junghuei Chen [18,1].

Postdoc [Nicholas Cozzarelli], University of California, Berkeley, 1990-1995.

Asst. Prof. of Chemistry, University of Delaware, 1995-2001.

Assoc. Prof. of Chemistry, University of Delaware, 2001- (Tenured, 2001).

John E. Mueller [11].

Postdoc [Marlene Belfort], NY State Department of Health, 1991-7.

Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge, MA, 1997-1999.

Praecis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge, MA 1999-.

Research Associate, Texas A&M University, 2003-. 

Tsu-Ju Fu [11].

Postdoc [Peter Geiduschek], University of California, San Diego, 1993-1997.

Tularik, Inc., South San Francisco, CA, 1997-1999.

GenProbe, Inc., San Diego, CA, 1999-2001.

Nanogen, Inc. San Diego, CA, 2001-

Yuwen Zhang [13,2].

Group Leader, MA Bioservices, Inc., Rockville, MD 1995-.

Shou Ming Du [15].

Tularik, Inc. South San Francisco, CA, 1994-1996.

Scriptgen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Medford, MA, 1996-1997.

EG&G Wallac, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD, 1997-.

Yinli Wang [8].

Ulano, Inc., Brooklyn, NY, 1995-1998.

Avon Products, 1998-2003.

Revlon Products, 2003-2009.

L'Oreal, 2009-

Jing Qi [9,1].

Postdoc [Hannah Klein], New York University Medical School, 1996-1999.

Instrumentation Chemist, Brooks Industries, South Plainfield, NJ, 1999-.

Bing Liu [8].

Technical Director, Electrocal, Inc., South Windsor CT, 1996-2006.

Technical Director, Kurz Transfer Products, Inc., Charlotte, NC, 2006-.

Hui Wang [12].

Postdoc [Nadrian C. Seeman], New York University, 1996-1997.

Postdoc [Peter Ghazal], Scripps Research Institute, 1997-.

Postdoc [Daniel Branton] Harvard University, 1999-2003.

Research Scientist, Agilent, Inc., 2003-.

Hangxia Qiu [5].

Postdoc [Thomas Bruice], University of California, Santa Barbara, 1995-1996.

Eric Lazarus, Inc., New York, NY, 1997-1998.

Dynecorp, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI, 1998-2003.

HKL Research, Inc., Charlottesville, VA, 2003-2006.

NIH, 2006-

Xiaojun Li [9,1].

Postdoc [Kenneth Marians], Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 1997-1999.

Bond Technology, Inc., 1999-2002.

Enfotech, Inc., 2002-.

Xiaoping Yang [13,1]

Postdoc [Nadrian C. Seeman], New York University, 1998.

Postdoc [Nancy Kleckner], NIH Fellow, Harvard University, 1999-2001.

Technical Manager, Whitehead Institute, 2001-.

Furong Liu [12,1]

Postdoc [Nadrian C. Seeman], New York University, 1998-2001.

Postdoc [Thomas Dever], NIH], 2001-2002.

Barr Laboratories, Pomona, New York, 2002-.

Zhiyong Shen [8, 1a]

TM Bioscience, Inc., Woburn MA, 1998-1999.

Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, 1999-2001.

Genospectra, Inc., Fremont, CA, 2001-2004.

Adeza Biomedical, Sunnyvale, CA, 2004-.

Chengde Mao [12]

Postdoc [Nadrian C. Seeman], New York University, 1999-2000.

Postdoc [George Whitesides], Harvard University, 2001-2002.

Asst. Prof. of Chemistry, Purdue University, 2002-2007.

Assoc. Prof of Chemistry, Purdue University (Tenured 2007), 2007-.

Weiqiong Sun [10].

Barr Laboratories, Pomona, NY, 1999-2001.

VI Technologies, Watertown, MA, 2001-2002.

Bioanalytical Systems, Inc., West Lafayette, IN, 2002-.

Ruojie Sha [10].

Postdoc [Nadrian C. Seeman], New York University, 2000.

Postdoc [Michael Lichten], NIH, 2001-2003.

Senior Research Associate and Laboratory Manager, NYU, 2003-.

Hao Yan [11, 2a].

Postdoc [John H. Reif], Duke University, 2001-2002.

Assistant Research Professor, Duke University, 2002-4.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biodesign, Arizona State University, 2004-2008.

Professor of Chemistry & Biodesign, Arizona State University, (Tenured), 2008-.

Phiset Sa-Ardyen [7].

Lecturer, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 2003-.

Wanqiu Shen [3]

Postdoc [Jason Kahn], University of Maryland, 2004-2005.

Instructor, Nankai University, Tianjin, 2006-2007.

Postdoc [Mike Norton], Marshall University, 2007-.

Pamela Constantinou [6]

Postdoc [Nadrian C. Seeman], New York University, 2005.

Postdoc [Richard Smalley], Rice University, 2005-.

Xiaoping Zhang [6,1a]

Postdoc [Nadrian C. Seeman], New York University, 2005.

Barr Laboratories,  Pomona, New York, 2005-.

Shiping Liao [[6,1a]

Postdoc [Nadrian C. Seeman] New York University, 2005.

Barr Laboratories, Pomona, New York, 2005-.

Lisa Israel [3]

Research Scientist, Reckitt-Benckiser, 2006-.

Baoquan Ding [8,1a]

Research Scientist, Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, 2006-2009.

Research Associate [HaoYan], Biodesign Institute, 2009-2010.

Professor, National Center of Nanoscience and Technology, Beijing, 2010-.

Liang Ding [1]

Postdoc [Dan Luo], Cornell University, 2006-.

Alejandra V. Garibotti [4]

Postdoc [Ramon Eritja], Barcelona Institute for Research in Biomedicine, 2006-.

Tong Wang [7]

Postdoc [Nadrian C. Seeman], New York University, 2007-2009.

Postdoc [Huilin Li], Brookhaven National Laboratory, 2009-.

Hong Zhong [5,1a]

Postdoc [Mike Norton], Marshall University, 2007-.

Banani Chakraborty [3]

Postdoc [Dipankar Sen], Simon Fraser University, 2008-.

Xing Wang [8]

Postdoc [Stephen Chou], Princeton University, 2008-10.

Postdoc [Laura Landweber], Princeton University, 2010-.

Tosan Omabegho [1]

Postdoc [Erik Winfree], California Institute of Technology, 2009-.

Jianping Zheng [1]

Postdoc [Nadrian C. Seeman], New York University, 2009-2010.

Risheng Wang [5]


Postdoc [Shalom Wind], Columbia University, 2009-.


Graduate Committee Memberships:


Min Lu, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1990.

Pingchiang Lyu, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1991.

Aideen Young, Ph.D, Chemistry, 1991.

InSug O, Ph.D., Biology, 1994.

Xun Meng, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1996.

Ling Chen, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1996.

Edward Huff, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1996.

Xinghua Hu, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1997.

Jason Reed, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1997.

Craig Allen, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1998.

Yaohua Dai, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1999.

Xiaodong Xu, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2000.

Alexei Podtelezhnikov, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2000.

Ping Zhuang, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2001.

Olga Rechkoblit, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2001.

Lei Zhu, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2003.

Jing Huang, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2003.

Osvaldo dos Santos, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2003.

Andrea Holmes, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2003.

John Kulp, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2006.

Ge Ma, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2007.

Sebastiano Collino, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2007.

Barney Yoo, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2008.

Yu Liu, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2008.

Sung Bin Shin, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2008.

Yeliz Utku, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2009.

Jian Liang, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2010.

Nahum Shiffeldrim, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2011.

Stephanie Geggier, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2011.

Nancy Hom, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2011.

Bishwajit Paul, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2011.

Xiang Xu, Chemistry, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2012.

Eli Bendet-Taicher, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2014.

Kun-Ta Wu, Ph.D, Physics, 2013.

Miao Ye, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2015.

Sen Zhang, Ph.D., Chemistry, current.

Chen Li, Ph.D., Chemistry, current.

Yuning Zhang, Ph.D., Chemistry, current.

Peng Guo, Ph.D., Chemistry, current.

Lizheng Zhu, Ph.D., Chemistry, current.

Theodore Hueckel, Ph.D., Chemistry, current.

Guolong Zhu, Ph.D., Physics, current.



Thesis Committee Readerships:


Leondios Kostrikis, Chemistry, Ph.D., 1993.

Chih-Chien Li, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1993.  

Dionisios Rentzeperis, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1994.  

Rong Xu, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1994.  

Robert Lancaster, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1995.  

Wei-Wen Cai, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1996.  

Jinqi Xu, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1996.  

Jesus Castagnetto, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1997.

Guangzhao Xu, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1999.

Homar Barcena, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2003.

Jing Zhang, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2005.

Sam Simpson, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2009.

Lee Lior, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2012.

Joy Romulus, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2013.

Xiaojian Wang, Ph.D., Chemistry, 2013.



External Thesis Committee Readerships:


Bettina Franz, Ph.D., Biology, Brown Univ. (Arthur Landy), 1990.

Mitchel J. Doktycz, Ph.D., Chemistry, Univ. Illinois at Chicago (Steve Benight), 1991.

Ekaterina Protozanova, Ph.D, Pharmacology Univ. Toronto (Robert Macgregor), 2000.

Petra Sauer, Ph.D., Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology (Hong-Liang Ciu), 2004.

Brian Frezza, Ph.D., The Scripps Research Institute (Reza Ghadiri), 2010.

Toen Castle, Ph.D., Applied Math, Australian National Univ. (Stephen Hyde), 2013.

Lourdu Xavier Paulraj, Ph.D., Max Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamics of Matter (Henry Chapman), Current.



External Students Directed at NYU (Contact Person):


Jens Kopatsch, Ph.D., Biotechnology, Technical University of Berlin (Ulf Stahl), 2004.

Tosan Omabegho, Ph.D., Harvard University (Howard Stone), 2009.






SUNY/Albany, Department of Biological Sciences, 1977-1988:


Donation of $16,875 consulting fees to Department during the period of RCDA, 1983-1985.




University Committee on Linkages with the Private Sector, 1981-1986

(Chair, 1983-1984).

University Task Force on Small Business Incubators, 1986.

University Internal Advisory Board on Applied Science, 1987.

University Computer Advisory Committee, 1986-1988.

Steering Committee, Center for Biological Macromolecules, 1978-1981, 1986-1987.

College Committee on Physics-Biology Interaction, 1986.

College Committee on Biochemistry, Chair, 1987.

Chemistry Department Search Committee, 1986-1987.

Biology Department Search Committee, 1986-1987.

Department Graduate Examination Committee, 1978-1979, 1986-1987.

Department Graduate Admissions Committee, 1982-1983.

Department Electron Microscope Committee, 1982-1983.

Department Personnel Committee, 1979-1982, 1986-1987.


Other Service:


High School Teacher Program Lecturer, 1983.

Elder Hostel Lecturer, 1985.



New York University, Department of Chemistry, 1988-present.


$10,000 option fee on patents received from Ingeny, B.V., given to the Office of the Deputy Chancellor, 1992.


Director of Graduate Studies in Chemistry, 1991-2000.

Director of Admissions in Chemistry, 2000-2009.


University Service:


Alumni Lecturer, 1989.

Research Challenge Fund Referee, 1990, 1993.

Technology Transfer Grant Review Committee, 1991-1994.

Undergraduate Scholars Interview Program, 1992.

Human Subjects Oversight Committee, 1992-1995.

Pre-Medical Student Interviewer, 1995.

Packard Fellowships Internal Review Selection Panel, 1995 (Convener), 1996, 1998 (Convener).

Science Council, 1995-1996.

Ad Hoc FAS Library Advisory Committee, 1995-1996.

FAS Website Working Group, 1996.

FAS Sokol Award Committee, 1996.

GSAS Committee on Graduate Student Housing, 1996-1997.

FAS Library Liaison Committee, 1997-1998.

GSAS Task Force on Graduate Financial Assistance, 1998.

FAS Faculty Council Alternate, 1998-2001 [active, fall, 1999; fall, 2000].

Pew Scholars Review Panel, 1999.

Whitehead Fellowships for Junior Faculty Committee, 1999-2002.

Packard Application Selection Committee, 1999, 2001 (Convener).

Hughes Application Selection Committee, 1999.

International Student Orientation, 2000, 2002.

Promotions and Tenure Committee, 2000-2001.

Graduate Financial Aid Committee, 2006-2008.

Graduate Curriculum Committee, 2007.

ITS Faculty Working Group, 2009-2010.

Tenured Faculty Senators Council, Alternate Member, 2015-2016.



Chemistry Department Committees:


Graduate Admissions Committee, 1988-1991 (ex officio, 1991-2009).

Faculty Search Committee, Chair, 1988-1989.

Graduate Curriculum Reform Committee, Chair, 1989.

Executive Committee (ex officio), 1991-.

Faculty Search Committee, 1993.

Biophysical Faculty Search Committee, Member, 1998-1999; Chair, 1999-2000. 

Bio-organic Faculty Search Committee, Chair, 1998-1999, Member, 1999-2000.

Experimental Faculty Search Committee, 2001-2002.

Graduate Committee, 2009-2010.

Promotions Committee, 2011-2012.

Senior Faculty Search Committee, 2012-2013.

Nano-Physical Faculty Search Committee, Chair, 2014-2015.

Physical Chemistry Search Committee, 2015-2016.

Seminar Committee, 2014-2016.


Personnel Review Committees:


Tenure Review Committee (Marc A. Walters), 1990, 1993.

Tenure Review Committee (Tamar Schlick), 1992.

Tenure Review Committee (Zlatko Bacic), 1992.

Three-year Review Committee (John Zhang), 1993.

Three-year Review Committee (Louise Pape), Chair, 1994.

Tenure Review Committee (David Schwartz), Chair, 1994.

Three-year Review Committee (Scott Courtney), Chair, 1995.

Promotion Review Committee (Tamar Schlick), Chair, 1995.

Tenure Review Committee (James Canary), 1996.

Tenure Review Committee (Kang Zhao), 1997.

Promotion Review Committee (James Canary), Chair, 2002.

Three-year Review Committee (Kent Kirshenbaum), Chair, 2005.

Tenure Review Committee (Michael Ward), Chair, 2006.

Three-year Review Committee (Ying-Kai Zhang), 2006.

Tenure Review Committee (Joanna Aizenberg), 2006.

Tenure Review Committee (Paramjit Arora), 2007.

Tenure Review Committee (Bart Kahr), Chair, 2008.


Other Chemistry Department Service:


Colloquium Chair (Biomolecular), Spring, 1990.

Biomolecular Seminar Coordinator, Spring, 1990-1994.

Biomolecular Qualifying Exam Organizer, 1990-1991.

Host, USA '92, Free University of Amsterdam Chemistry Tour Group, 1992.

Host, Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group, 2008.






Professor William A. Goddard III

Materials and Process Simulation Center

California Institute of Technology

Pasadena, CA 91125

[email protected]


Professor Gregory A. Petsko

Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry

Brandeis University

Waltham, MA 02453

[email protected]


Professor George M. Whitesides

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Harvard University

Cambridge, MA 02138


[email protected]