Curriculum Vitae - Ronald C. Hamlin

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President/CEO Area Detector Systems Corporation




Institution and Location                                Degree             Conferred        Field of Study

University of California, Riverside                 B.S.                 1968                Physics

University of California, San Diego               M.S.                 1970                Physics

University of California, San Diego               Ph.D.               1975                Physics


Research and Professional Experience

1967-1968                Undergraduate Research Assistant, film scanner, high energy

                                 particle physics bubble chamber photographs.


1968-1970                NSF Trainee (a type of fellowship), Department of Physics,

                                 University of California, San Diego.


1970-1975                Research Assistant, Department of Physics, developing the first

                                 practical multiwire proportional counter adapted for use as an area

                                 detector in protein X-ray crystallography.  This was my Ph.D. project.


1975-1983               Assistant Research Physicist, Department of Physics, University of California, San Diego.  

Operation and X-ray detector development work associated with the NIH Research resource Facility for X-ray data collection.  This facility did protein X-ray crystallography data collection for U.S. users.  Data collection time at this facility was granted by a committee of respected U.S. crystallographers who met once per year.  This facility was the first in the world where X-ray diffraction data could routinely be collected on two dimensional position sensitive (i.e., "area") detectors.


1983-1986               Associate Research Physicist, Department of Biology, University of California, San Diego.  

The design of the multiwire counter area detector had stabilized to the point that a commercial version appeared to be feasible.  There was a considerable demand for this commercial version from crystallographers who had used the NIH Research Resource.  I started Area Detector Systems Corporation in 1983 as a part time venture.


1986-present           Full time President/CEO, Area Detector Systems Corporation.