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Only the papers having to do with development of X-ray instrumentation are listed.  Abstracts are omitted.

Approximately 15 other articles reporting X-ray crystallographic protein structures are also omitted.  I was included as an author on these structure articles only because of my involvement in collecting the X-ray diffraction data at the University of California, San Diego NIH Research Resource Facility. 

Cork, C., Febr, D., Hamlin, R., Vernon, W., Xuong, N-h and Perez-Mendez, V. " A High Speed Data Acquisition System for Protein Crystallography." In: Papers: International Conference on Computers in Chemical Research and Education, 1:19-32 (1973).

Cork, C., Febr, D., Hamlin, R., Vernon, W., Xuong, N-h and Perez-Mendez, V. " A Multiwire Proportional Chamber as an Area Detector for Protein Crystallography" J. Appl. Cryst. 7:319-323 (1974).

Cork, C., Hamlin, R., Vernon W., Xuong, N.-h. and Perez-Mendez, V. "A Xenon-filled Multiwire Area Detector for X-ray Diffraction." Acta Cryst. A31:702-704 (1975). 

Matthews, D.A., Alden, R.A., Bolin, J.T., Freer, S.T., Hamlin, R., Xuong, H,-h., Kraut, J., Poe, M., Williams, M. and Hoogsteen, K. "Dihydrofolate Reductase: X-ray Structure of the Binary Complex with Methotrexate." Science 197:452-456 (1977).  This was the very first new protein structure ever solved with data from an area detector. Initial phasing was MIR.

Xuong, N.-H., Freer, S.T., Hamlin, R., Nielsen, C., and Vernon, W. "The Electronic Stationary Picture Method for High-speed Measurement of Reflection Intensities from Crystals with Large Unit Cells."  Acta Cryst..A34:289-297 (1978). 

Phizackerley, R. P., Cork, C. W., Hamlin R. C., Nielsen,  C., Vernon, W., Xuong N.-h., and Perez-Mendez, V. "Progress Report on the Development of an Area Detector Data Acquisition System for X-ray Crystallography: Nuclear Instr. and Methods 172:393-396(1980). This incorporates a prototype detector I built for SSRL in 1979.

Hamlin, R.,  Cork, C., Howard, A., Nielsen, C.,  Vernon, W., Matthews, D., and Xuong, N.-h, "Characteristics of a Flat Multiwire Area Detector for Protein Crystallography. "J.Appl.Cryst.14:85-94(1981).

Hamlin, R., "Multiwire Proportional Counters for use in area X-ray diffractometers.  A survey of the Field to Date and a Preliminary Description of the New Mark II Diffractometer System."  Trans. of the American Cryst. Assoc. 18:95-123(1982).  I also was Editor of this 200 page volume on the current state of area X-ray detectors.

Xuong, N.-H., Sullivan, D., Nielsen, C., and Hamlin, R., "Use of the Mark II Multiwire rea Detector Diffractometer as a National Research Resource for Protein Crystallography" Acta Cryst.B41:267-270 (1985).

Xuong, N.-H., Nielsen, C., Hamlin, R., and Anderson, D. "Strategy for Data Collection from Protein Crystals using a Multiwire Counter Area Detector Diffractometer" J.Appl..Cryst.18:342-351(1985).

Hamlin, R., "Multiwire Area X-ray Diffractometers" this is Chapter 27 of Methods in Enzymology, Vol.114, Academic Press, N.Y. pp.416-452.(1985).