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Professor John Richard Helliwell 

DSc FInstP FRSC FSocBiol

Fellow of the American Crystallographic Association

E-mail: [email protected]




1996 DSc (York University, Physics)

1978 DPhil (Oxford University, Molecular Biophysics)

1974 BA (York University, Physics 1st class Honours)




Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, The University of Manchester.



Professor of Structural Chemistry, The University of Manchester, since 1989-2012.

2002               CCLRC Director of SR Science.

2001-2008      Joint Appointee (50%) with CCLRC, SRS Daresbury Laboratory.

1985-1993      Joint Appointee (20%) with SERC, SRS Daresbury Laboratory.

1985-1988      Lecturer in Physics, University of York.

1983-1985      Honorary Lecturer in Physics, University of Keele.

1985               Principal Scientific Officer at SERC, SRS Daresbury Laboratory.

1983-1985      Senior Scientific Officer at SERC, SRS Daresbury Laboratory.

1979-1983      Lecturer in Biophysics, Department of Physics, University of Keele and Joint Appointee (50%) with the 
                          Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC), SRS Daresbury Laboratory.

1978               Medical Research Council Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, 

                       Department of Zoology with Dr Margaret J Adams and Junior Research Fellow, Linacre College, 

                       University of Oxford.

1974-1977      DPhil with Dr Margaret J Adams, University of Oxford; thesis entitled "X-ray studies concerning the 

                       structure of 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase"; Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, Department of 

                       Zoology and Balliol College.


[SRS= Synchrotron Radiation Source.]



2015             Elected a corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Sciences & Arts of Barcelona, Spain 


2010-2014    Chairman of the ALBA Spanish Synchrotron Radiation Facility Science Advisory Committee.


2006-2009    President of the European Crystallographic Association.

1996-2005    Editor-in-Chief of Acta Crystallographica published by the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) 

                     and Chairman of the IUCr Commission on Journals.

2002             CCLRC Director of SR Science based at Daresbury Laboratory.

1997             Honorary Member of the National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia.

1993-1996    Founding Chairman of the IUCr's Commission on Synchrotron Radiation.



2014            Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Structural Dynamics published by the ACA and AIP.

2014            Main Editor of Crystallography Reviews published by Taylor and Francis Journals.

2005-2014   International Union of Crystallography's delegate to the International Council for Scientific and 

                    Technical Information (ICSTI).

2004            At the Royal Institution delivered a Friday Evening Discourse entitled: "The molecular basis of the 

                    colouration mechanism in lobster shell".

1999-2001   Chairman of the Neutron Beamtime Biology Committee, Institut Laue Langevin.

1999            Leader of the UK Delegation to the International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics Congress and 

                    General Assembly, New Delhi, India.

1994-2000   Main Editor (jointly) Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.


Medals, Named Lectures and Awards


European Crystallographic Association Eighth Max Perutz Prize; the award announcement can be found here.


American Crystallographic Association Patterson Award and Lecture May 2014 ACA 2014 Albuquerque New Mexico. "Synchrotron radiation macromolecular crystallography: instrumentation, methods and applications". This lecture is available here.


Dame Kathleen Lonsdale Memorial Lecture of the British Crystallographic Association "The evolution of synchrotron radiation and the growth of its importance in crystallography" Annual Conference

Keele University, UK April 12th 2011; the slides can be found here and as an article:- Crystallography Reviews doi: 10.1080/0889311X.2011.631919 Crystallography Reviews Vol. 18, No. 1, January 2012, 33-93.


First recipient of the 'Professor K Banerjee Endowment Lecture Silver Medal' of the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Calcutta, India; Lecture entitled "New opportunities in biological and chemical crystallography"; Sept 2001 and is a Lead Article in J. Synchrotron Rad. (2002). 9, 1-8  [ doi:10.1107/S0909049501018465 ] .


150th Anniversary of the University of Manchester W L Bragg Lecture, Schuster Lab University of Manchester. "X-ray crystal structure analysis in Manchester from W L Bragg to the present day". This is available as a video here.


Books Published:

1.   N E Chayen, J R Helliwell and E H Snell "Macromolecular Crystallization and Crystal Perfection" (International Union of Crystallography Monographs on Crystallography" Oxford University Press International Union of Crystallography Monographs on Crystallography (2010) ISBN-10: 0199213259


2.  J.R. Helliwell and P M Rentzepis. Editors "Time-Resolved Diffraction" Oxford University Press 1997 (3 Chapters from J R Helliwell).


3.  B. Chance, J. Deisenhofer, S. Ebashi, D.T. Goodhead, J.R. Helliwell, H.E. Huxley, T. Iizuka, J. Kirz, T. Mitsui, E. Rubenstein, N. Sakabe, T. Sasaki, G. Schmahl, H. Stuhrmann, K. Wuthrich and G. Zaccai, Editors "Synchrotron Radiation in the Biosciences" Oxford University Press 1994.


4.  D.W.J. Cruickshank, J.R. Helliwell and L.N. Johnson, Editors "Time-Resolved Macromolecular Crystallography" Proceedings of a Royal Society Discussion Meeting (1992).


5.  J.R. Helliwell "Macromolecular Crystallography with Synchrotron Radiation" Cambridge University Press (1992). Published in paperback 2005.



Research publications:

More than 200  (>10 cited more than 100 Arial).